Kaori Tamakeri

Kaori has OAGS Stats.

Kaori Tamakeri is a Time Traveller that both works for HACS and formerly worked for HACS. In her time she has also worked for The Agency and Department T. She has been genetically built, trained and conditioned to spy on and sabotage Industrial O'M, Interest-9 and subsidiary companies, and to work as a time agent for HACS. Due to her training and experiences she is incredibly well versed in the particulars all kinds of IOM's technologies, chiefly robotics and vehicles. Kaori's genetic code was built to give her psychic ability, which has manifested as the unusual spacial manipulation power, providing HACS scientists with valuable lab data and affording her the ability to fly and make things seemingly vanish and reappear. Kaori's genome grants her an extra chromosome pair that is wholly Trilian as well as a few other scraps of her genetic code. The effects of these are increased manual dexterity, logic process and enhanced pineal system. Disadvantages include a much simpler limbic system unusual coloration of hair and eyes. Eyesight is also greatly improved, but her creators feel the special issue bionics available to them are much superior. These bionic eyes allow Kaori to see thermal and x-ray signatures, as well as providing zoom functions. Kaori is trained and geared for stealth and subterfuge tactics, and favours long-range combat. Due to the temporal distortion device incorporated into her belt, any weapon fired at her from range is doomed to miss, even lasers and shockwaves from explosions. However, Kaori is vulnerable in short range situations and utterly defenseless in melee. Her melee training is only basic and her awful upper-body strength and light weight renders her attempts in melee feeble. Due to spending early life in labs and facilities being primed for action, she is socially maladjusted which is only partly remedied by her times in high school.

Kaori Prime, I, II and III


Kaori was created artificially and grown in the womb of Dr. Mieko Tamakeri in 2113, in response to the creation of the temporal nexus. She received genetic modifications necessary for surviving the rigors that the time travel device asserts upon its passengers and to enhance her performance as an agent. She grew up in a military environment learning necessary combat and infiltration skills, along with a small amount of entropy control. As she matured, she showed an aptitude for advanced engineering, both combat and standard. At the age of 16, she was sent to a typical high school in Hiroshima where she learned some amount of social skills and got into many episodes of hilarious capers with her inevitable group of five other friends which involved her trying to live a normal life while hiding her time powers from normal people. Little did she know that her friends were also hiding such secrets and that she was friends with a robot pilot, a magical girl, a master ninja, an angel and a Spirit Samurai and had similar troubles to her. Kaori's main purpose is to gather information about the origins of Industrial O'M and where possible, sabotage their developments. In the future, Japan is threatened gravely by the expansion of the dreaded megacorp and she is their primary weapon against them. For this reason, she often faces agents of Industrial O'M great and small.

Kaori undertook her first time mission in 2128, age 15. She was sent to an IOM facility on the edge of India in 2150 to meet with other operatives from the Japanese secret services, who also possessed a Theton Collider. During this trip the team came to blows with the agents of Department T who were also on a recon mission. Her team were butchered, however she secured blueprints that were the team's objective and outwitted and humiliated Sgt. Thunder in the process. The ironic thing was is that her own objective was an assassination, and had nothing to do with blueprints. Sgt. Thunder has always resented her and sworn to take revenge.

Not long after she turned 19, Kaori was assigned to her first major undercover assignment, deep in the past. She would infiltrate a group known as The Agency in 2009 and use them to gain access to John Seraphim of Seraphim Industries, upon which she would receive further orders. Initially she was assigned to Psi Team, where she carried out various missions, including saving the life of Francis Smith while operating in Australia. She was then briefly assigned to Nick Slater's Omega Team before the agency was destroyed and the teams thrown into disarray. Because the Agency was destroyed, she aborted the mission and returned to her own time to find the world a ghostland, where humans were kept as cattle and the vampires ruled. With help from other HACS agents, she returned to the past to aid Sir James Charlesworthy's efforts to defeat Dracula, and to her own ends, change the future for the better. This ended in her riding a motorbike nuke into lucifer, giving various angels a chance to send him back to hell. At the point of detonation, she recalled back to the future.

Kaori recalled to a future that had been utterly annihilated by the ISS Conquest in the 2059 continuity. Once again, with Takeru's help she traveled back to the past, at the point where she had fouled everything up - in 2009 where she saved Frank Smith's life. She was caught and captured by a different team that also discovered time travel, along with her younger self. Frank Smith was exposed by this team and Kaori's objectives were completed. While awaiting interrogation and execution by the hand of the agency, she took advantage Toshiro's drunken state, and fled back into the future. The seraphim mission was concluded to have too much attached cost, and was dropped.

Kaori continued her duty as a time agent for about another year before further disaster struck. While investigating a Volklor Industries facility in Bonn for traces of IOM technology, she was captured by unwitting puppets of Department T. She was incarcerated in their headquarters until it was found she was dying from a degenerative genetic disease, designed to trigger about every 3 years starting age 13. After investigation by the department, it was found that it was a deliberately inbuilt genetic defect used to keep her under tight control by HACS, and that she was in fact partially Trillian. Gavin, using his strange brand of xeno-science, designed a regenerative liquid similar to primordial soup designed to exactly match Kaori's genetics. This reverted the disease, and caused all her bionics to fall out, and regrow the relevant organs. She later broke out and escaped to Industria during a Nazi attack of unknown origin, where she helped the Department T members return after meeting Quetzlcoatl. After helping rebuild the ruined Einstein gate with the help of Gavin and the Einstein of Industria, she agreed to stay on with Dept T on a temporary basis to help against various incursions of The Agency, using her insider knowledge.

Kaori has ceased dying her hair blue since she has started working with Dept T, leaving it a glossy dark green color. The replacement of her bionic eyes with organic ones leave her with amber-yellow pupils which carry the Trilian race's superior eyesight.

Kaori VI

Kaori III's bionics flagged her dead on a mission in 2013, in her home year of 2134. Subsequently, a new clone was brought out of the tanks and imprinted with the memories of her last psy-scan. After sleeping off her cloning sickness, she awoke as if it were the day before her assigned mission, with no knowledge of the secret they hide from her. Was sent on several missions before she visited Sheffield, England to discover a possible timeline pollution concerning IOM products. Here she discovered a perfect example of an IOM sex droid that had been constructed in contemporary times, but was not aware of his own nature. Kaori IV continues to serve HACS.