Keskio is a Sephanus species xenoform woshipped by N and The Chatuth.


Keskio was found on an ancient Muan ruin orbiting the Chatuth's second planet along with three other infant Sephana. Unlike other minor gods, she appears to be a pure-bred sephana. Her godly abilities are very much in tune with all aspects of the deep space they travel, and thus it became her aspect as a goddess.


Keskio represents the void, silence and the vast infinity of reality. She is also revered as the goddess of the night. She is worshipped by all Chatuth who travel and endeavour to travel the undiscovered expanse of space and all the worlds within. She teaches that all is infinite, but no matter how vast your horizons and great your achievements, death is always the end. Keskio's worshippers are expected to remain nocturnal for as much as possible.


Devoted worshippers of Keskio tend to be contemplative and serene but somewhat aloof and cold. They are taught to have forever open minds and to be objectively critical where possible. Worshippers of Keskio that command her magick are granted a sinister set of powers that utilises elemental darkness and pure void to fulfill their objectives. She has many Chatuth priests that she allows to command her power, but is distrustful of the destructive power of humans with her dangerous powers. The only humans she will ever grant more than a tiny amount of her powers to are Rosa Luisa Gales and one human devotee hand-picked by Brice himself.

Honoured of Keskio

The current human devotee picked to wield the power of darkness and void is called Hamed Al'Harabim. He is a former Hashshashin monster hunter who renounced his old Muslim faith after witnessing a miracle performed by Rosa Luisa Gales. He has sworn allegiance to N as a result.