Kharim Al'Khmrahe Haatr

Kharim is a Hashshashin assassin.

Born in Iran in 1981 as first son of a master assassin in the Hashashshin, Kharim was taught rudimentary martial arts as a matter of family pride, and a method of instilling discipline. Showing aptitude for these martial arts, he was recruited into the Hashashshin and worked as an apprentice to his father in the order. In 2000, his father was beaten in battle by twin sorcerors of flame and thunder. Picking up his father's legendary ram dao of terror, a relic of the holy order, he slew them and avenged him in a spectacular bloody display. He was promoted to full assassin upon the next meeting of the Hashashshin for displays of true valour and skill, awarded the honour of carrying the ram dao of terror, and assigned to Los Angeles.

During the last 10 years, Kharim has been mainly fighting vampires and sorcerors in the west coast, with the odd rebel angel thrown into the fray. It is safe to say that he has taken to the accent very quickly. The Hashashin meeting following the resurrection of Dracula, he was ordered to research and execute a plan to eliminate the vampire. Since Hashashshin work alone, this was a daunting solitary task.

Fortunately for him, or possibly not, he happened to meet Nick Slater during a recon trip in Seattle. They came to a mutual agreement whereby Kharim would work with his team to take down 'Big D'. This was eventually achieved a week later when Kharim delivered the killing blow to Dracula with the Shard of Yggdrassil.

In the Omega Team film, Kharim is played by Samuel L. Jackson.