Khules are a xenoform species, native the planet of Yohivar. Their world is under the dominion of Heaven and Khulian society is built around reverence for God. Angels of the Loyalist Faction govern Yohivar and the Khules feed mostly on mana, a white flakey substance which falls from Yohivan sky. Freed from the need to hunt or farm and having little concept of personal property, Khules are trained as soldiers for Heaven, ready to fight and in all probability die in the Last Battle between Heaven and Hell at the end of time. Khules spend their time engaging in non-lethal fights to submission in order to keep themselves prepared for the Apocalypse. Some occultists call them the Wolves of Heaven.

Physically, Khules resemble golden-furred wolves. They speak much like humans and Khules and humans can learn to speak each other's languages.