Known Alternate Histories

This is a list of known Alternate Histories, Parallel Universes populated by humans who developed separately from humans in the prime universe. They are organised by estimated date of divergence; most recent diversion first.

Point of Divergence: 1925, Westminister, London. Arnold Springer of the British Fascist Party wins the general election and becomes prime minister of Britain. Come World War II, Britain entered on the German side and swept away all who stood before them. Theories say that the divergence perhaps occurred even earlier, sowing the seeds for Springer's support, or indeed stopping them.
Current Status: The Ayran Superstate, lead by Weltfuhrer Adolf Windsor dominates planet Earth. All non-white human beings have been eradicated and those 'lower' races, such as Slavs and Hispanics are regarded as an under-caste, barely worthy citizens at all.
Known Universe Links: Prime Universe using a supercollider based in Finland.

Point of Divergence: April 15, 1452, Republic of Florence. Leonardo Da Vinci is born with the subset of psychic powers known as 'Mad Science'. Creates many more great scientific works than his double on earth. Florence uses these items to conquer the rest of the nations on the Italian Peninsula, then Spain, Southern France, Greece, and by the 1700s, the whole Mediterranean Ring. Industrial revolution starts early.
Current Status: The nations of Florence, Nordic Alliance, and the Soviet Scientific Union are dominating world powers. America and Australia have been discovered, but no real attempt has been made to colonize them, efforts focussed on developing Africa and South Asia instead. Whereas mad scientists are extremely rare in other parallel universes, they are rife in Industria.
Known Universe Links: Prime Universe via a disused train station in London, Leroux via a Siberian nuclear testing facility.

Eye of Psid
Point of Divergence: Around 1000BC, Mycenia, Greece. The Chatuth discover Earth a few thousand years early, and begin instilling the worship of the Seph'an gods into the greatest civilisation on Earth. With Gods who were not afraid to flaunt their divine power, they conquered all who stood before them. When the alien visitors (wrongly) decided there was nothing of value for them on Earth, they departed and dropped their tight leash on the governership of the Greeks. Their empire collapsed almost immediately and the normal order of things on earth resumed.
Current Status: Things are similar to Earth today, save for the fact that the only religion is Seph'an. The whole pantheon is worshipped, and the gods that grant their worshippers divine power still do so almost indiscriminately lest they need the help of the Earthlings one day. That day may come soon as their final god, N, still sleeps on Earth. Psid is by far the most widely revered god, as he grants small amounts of power to the most casual of worshippers.
Known Universe Links: Prime Universe via Ritual.