Known Xenoform Species

The Colverston-Fitts: A xenoform family living on Earth. Rumoured to be mongrel crossbreeds of multiple xenoform races.

The Nocti: A species native to a dimension controlled by Hell. Magickally engineered by Hell as warriors, they have pyrokinetic abilities and are vulnerable to weapons made of copper.

Phantoms: Enigmatic and elegant human-like xenoforms with a passion for arts, haling from Leroux.

Katana Souls: Noble warriors sworn to the service of heaven.

An'Tak: Humanoid xenoforms averaging 9 foot tall and over a thousand pounds, covered in thick bone plates. Stupid, but obedient. Prized as mercenaries. Allergic to alcohol (a quarter pint gets them rat-arsed).

Shrekes: Humanoid xenoforms about 7 feet tall, but very slender with dark blue skin, red eyes and long thin horns. Highly talented sorcerers.

The Juvanni: Humanoid xenoforms about 5 feet tall and almost as broad with ruddy-red skin. Highly disciplined and militaristic. Ruled by a High Warlord.

Khules: Sentient caninesque xenoforms. About 5 feet long, 3 feet high at the shoulder with golden fur. Native to a dimension under the dominion of Heaven and deeply religious. Almost all khules have True Faith.

Chakalek: A wicked race of psychics under the dominion of hell. Technologically advanced and adept at sorcery. Regularly stage massive invasions to the Theialek homework.

Thiealek: A solemn, technologically advanced race resembling Mediterranean humans that hate magick and psychics. Regularly invaded by the malevolent Chakaleks.

Trilians: Green skinned, amber eyed humanoid xenoforms. Very similar to humans. Very good eyesight. About 75 years more technologically advanced than us. At war with Shrekra (but not necessarily with all shrekes).