His full name is Mak Tan Chu a Korokar ka Ulegau, but he goes by Korokar for short. He is a genius level An'Tak employed by PENDRAGON as a heavy ops agent. He bears the distinctive thick bone plating of his house and his family's magickal paraphernalia. He receives shamanistic visions of the future due to an ongoing ritual his house's spirit-father has cast upon him.

Korokar was raised as a gunsmith in the state of Ulegau on the An'Tak homeworld. After an attack on his town which was easily fended off, he showed great valor in battle and chose to join the regular army. He was soon promoted to the rank of warrior. Korokar's specialty was in wielding the An'Tak heavy machine gun as he was one of the few smart enough to be able to maintain and drill with such a gun. As his career progressed, he was eventually promoted into Grand Shaman Ulegau's entourage. He was considered for chiefdom, but was too much of a young blood, and would have to wear out his trigger happy ways with experience. The grand shaman allowed him the honour of the gift of foresight; an ongoing ritual that forces him to look into the immediate future.

The reason Korokar came to Earth is a strange one. In 2009, a human "mysterious as he was wise" met with Grand Shaman Ulegau and taught him the ritual of foresight. In return, he requested that he prime a warrior worthy of defending the future to lend him upon his return in 50 years time. 40 years later, Korokar showed him the valor, fury and wit forged together in the heat of battle that makes a truly mighty warrior and began priming him for Merlin's return. The old wizard did indeed come back to claim his debt and took Korokar back to Earth in order to save it. Grand Shaman did not need to use his foresight to know that Korokar would return to make a chief of legend.

Korokar's name is made up of his honours, his given name and the state he hails from, as is usual for An'Taks. Chu is his family's name, a compulsory honour amongst An'taks, Tan is his rank of warrior-smith, and Mak is given in honour of his gift of foresight. On Earth, using his mimicry device, he is known as Vladimir Korokar.