Kysenia Vladlena

Kysenia is a competent sorceress and expert nuclear scientist who was born just after the end of World War II. Her family belonged to the Acolytes of the Self and she excelled at spellcasting and ritualism. Her family fell on poor times and she had to accept an invitation from the glorious union to work at a nuclear facility near Smolensk to pay the bills. Through the years Kysenia became a much respected worker and later, scientist. At some point in the 1980s she fixed her age with a ritual passed down to her by the acolytes. Almost immediately after the fall of communism, Kysenia decided not to join the rest of the Acolytes in moving to Britain after recieving a letter from Lord Malfortune pointing out the opportunities that could be exploited to rule the newly revitalized St. Petersburg and moscow occult communities. With his help, she managed to grab a firm hold of the Moscow occult underground and aided it with a largely benevolent rule. St. Petersburg, being much bigger was a much more difficult task, but with moscow in hand and plentiful foreign allies she is a major player in the circuit, even netting an alliance (albeit a slightly distrustful one) with the Cult of Shakath. In return, she sent her manifesto of nuclear-based magick to Malfortune.

The undisputed master of the faux-element of Radiation Magick, Kysenia is formidable to face as there is no protection against her magick that doesn't go through her. Together with her group of scientist underlings, she has built a suit of atomic armor, powered by a magick enhancement she has cast upon herself.

As of 2013 Kysenia has taken Lord Malfortune in after his base of operations was destroyed by the brotherhood. In return, Malfortune has promised to guide her on the path to being a wizard and help educate and protect Moscow's burgeoning occult community.

Kysenia is rumored to know of both the existence and whereabouts of Groznyi, the Russian Atlantean Kingblade.