Lareine (literally, The Queen) is the name phantoms have given to God in their own religion, Foivra (Fwa-Vra).

Phantoms believe that she lives in the moon of their homeworld Leroux. Massive churches are built to her and many have dedicated their lives to her observance and worship. Foivra is the dominant religion on Leroux and there are dozens of denominations worldwide. While the religion is strong, most phantoms merely casually respect her and get on with their lives. A handful of phantoms are atheist and there are fewer still who worship spirits or pagan gods.

Clerics and templars to the faith are common, and are collectively known as the Queen's Guard. In city states where autocratic monarchs rule, their line often claims divine right from Lareine.

Foivra is a recognized religion by angels and the divine authority and hence its worshippers may gain true faith, its relics repel beings of darkness and so on.