Loken is the Norse God Loki.

In the late years of the first millenium, and the early ones of the second, the Vikings were a dominant world power waging war in the name of their bloodthirsty gods. This strife caused by their worshippers was the meat upon which they fed and fueled their power. Following the fall of the Vikings, caused ironically by peace, the Norse Gods are but a fraction of what they once were. Still, they continue to exist. Often, they venture out to Midgard to live amongst men. Largely because that's where the best parties are.

The trickster god Loki, sworn brother to Thor and Odin, is definitely the most prolific of these gods. He does not even need to use portals to move between Asgard and the prime world, or any world for that matter. He is capable of stepping to wherever he pleases from the Yggdrassil and back again, and singular and unique ability. He is a party animal and womaniser in his spare time as he has always been. He was once the pinnacle of intelligence and cunning but his personality has degraded in centuries of relative boredom, leaving him moody and loutish, caring only where his next mug of ale or strumpet is and why it is so late. Wherever there is significant strife, Loken is to be found stirring it up somewhere. For example, he fought part time in World War II initially with the allies alongside Odin, but moved to the Axis side at the request of the old man himself in order to ensure both a 'good scrap' and an 'increased period of war and strife', which nourishes both of their immortal souls.

To think a Norse God is powerless now is more than a folly. Loken is but a tiny shade of his former might, but can still certainly teach the likes of Nick Slater and Jack Steen a thing or two about good old fashioned ass-whuppin'. When up for a good old face-to face confrontation, he can belch fire and darkness and change forms into horrifying creatures of the pit to shred his enemies apart. Moreover, he enjoys playing complex and lethal pranks and tricks on most of his enemies, catching their humiliating and painful deaths on his camcorder and archives them for future enjoyment.

Loken is a spiritual anomoly. He is one of the few, mortal or immortal who knows what both heaven and hell look like, as he can travel to and from there freely. He has in fact died dozens of times, sometimes for thrills, but mostly for kamikaze type attacks, knowing that he can drag enemies to their deaths completely and then simply step back out of hell. He'll often hang around there for a bit gobbling up souls and beating the faces of those he has already killed for insulting him in centuries passed, but always ends up returning to the material world, as there is seemingly no mead in hell. His aura should read red and blue for a god-type xenoform, gold for one who has visited a spiritual plane and returned, and should have black and blue streaks for eating souls and magickal alterations respectively. He in fact simply displays a red aura, a fact that eludes his angelic, godly and wizardly enemies for no apparent good reason other than chance. His regular uninvited visits to heaven and hell cause speculation that he is in league with Lucifer and the rebel faction, but any rebel angels show utter disgust at the mention of his name and demand that he is one of their most hated enemies.

He is blood-brother to Woden Käsebringer and Tor Hammarhål.