Lost Future

With theton colliders, charlesworthy engines and ritual time alteration, time travellers will often go back in time to change past events and secure a radically different future. Prominent timelines that were once so that have been replaced by more persistent ones are called 'lost futures' or 'futures past'. There are occasionally lost technologies, knowledge, events and even people that have become free from the flow of time and isolated from their own timeline. These 'relics' are often referred to as things from futures past. These are highly sought after commodities by Department T, HACS and the Theta Factions as they can reveal clues about technology and time travel.

Known Lost Futures

The Divine Rising Sun* - Originally, Hiroshima was not destroyed in a nuclear attack at the end of WWII. Hiroshima's teams of brilliant scientists and their research was left unmolested and Japanese technology continued advancing exponentially, which they shared with the whole world in order to better it. This rocketed Japan into a superpower status, which America and the Soviet Union resisted fiercely. A three-way cold war occurred, with the Soviet Union crashing out of the running in 2005 and America falling into economic ruin in 2044. Both Russia and America were persecuted economically and humiliated by Japan for what their emperor promised 'the rest of time'. In 2100, American secret forces captured Dr. Strom and his Time Nazis operating in their territory. They were interrogated and were released in a bargain between them and Strom for the secret of time travel. The Americans sent Lieutenant Adams back in time to meet with Harry Truman and his defense council to persuade them to destroy Hiroshima. The result was the future we know today.

2059 - Following the destruction of the Agency and the ressurection of Dracula, Lucifer possesses Sam Morris and plunges the world into nuclear war. The Illuminati and MJ-12 join forces to impose order upon the resulting chaos. They form an oppressive single world government that is overthrown nearly 50 years later by an organization called PENDRAGON and by the Illuminati's own AI C.A.I.A.P.H.A.S. The Illuminati aboard the space ship Conquest destroyed all life on Earth in retribution, but a group of PENDRAGON commandos snuck on board and sent the ship back in time to avert this timeline.

Extended Cold War - A future where the cold war carries on indefinitely after Dr. Von Leerhoft of the Time Nazis bolsters support for the soviet union in France and Spain some time in the late 60's, turning them communist and into another proxy battleground between them and Britain. He also sacrifices himself by setting off a nuclear device in 10 Downing Street. This timeline was reverted by Department T by killing him just before he could set the nuke with the help of Randall & Hopkirk. This whole timeline was however a giant ruse to give leerhoft paradox protection whilst he did something more important...