Lucifer is the leader of the Rebel Faction of angels. According to the account given by the Loyalist Faction, Lucifer was Metatron prior to rebelling against God's plan for the universe. Lucifer and his followers formed the Rebel Faction and attempted to conquer Heaven. Michael was promoted to the rank of Metatron and led the Loyalist forces against Lucifer, managing to force the Rebel forces out of Heaven.

The Great War waged across all parallel universes and all times. God saw the damage that the conflict was wrecking upon His creation and decided to end the war. He offered Lucifer a ceasefire under the terms of the Treaty and Lucifer accepted, knowing that he could not win the war. By the terms of the Treaty, Lucifer is given eternal domination over Hell and all who dwell within it, but may not leave.

Lucifer was not his original name. He was once called Samael, but he abandoned that name when he rebelled against God, taking instead a name he chose for himself; Lucifer, the Light-Bringer. Lucifer is unconcerned with being called Satan, the Adversary or the Devil, but calling him Samael is a sure way to anger him. Most of the Rebel Faction have imitated their leader in forsaking their former angelic names, the only exception being Belial.