Lydia Zenkorat

Lydia Zenkorat is a magickally altered assassin and sorcerer who was a member of the Cabal of Mu until her capture by the Agency in 2005 when she was put into cryo-stasis in the Vault.

Powers and Abilities

Lydia was a highly competent assassin in good physical shape. She was also an excellent sorcerer.

However, in addition to her mundane skills, she had also been magickally augmented, both by herself and by other members of the Cabal. She had massively enhanced resilience to physical injury, could project lightning bolts from her palm and was able to turn invisible at will. As a side effect of the magickal alterations, Lydia's blood was a luminous purple and her eyes were a bronze colour, which she generally concealed with sunglasses.


In addition to her formidable inherent supernatural abilities, Lydia also had possession of three artifacts from Ancient Mu: Ig-Nagoth, an enchanted sword; Yoth-Bakor, a rod which aids ritual casting; and Vanich, an enchanted ring which gives control over water.