MA and Gunslinger Musing
Dual Swords (Str 2) Two-handed Sword (Str 2) Dual Pistols SMG Bolt-Action Rifle
Dual Swords (Str 6) Two-handed Sword (Str 6) Dual Handcannons Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Dual Swords (Str 8) Two-handed Sword (Str 8) Dual Rail Lugers Pain Rifle [No Equivalent]
Dual Swords (Str 10) or Dual Vibro-blades(Str 2) Two-handed Sword (Str 10) Dual HEL Pistols HEL Rifle MP Rail Gun
Dual Vibro-blades (Str 6) [No Equivalent] [No Equivalent] Plasma Rifle Baines-Freeman Generator

Martial Artist: 1cp/3 manuevers
Gunslinger: 1cp/3 shots
Not 5cp for 5 and only those? -Vaa
Not anymore. You're paying for variety, not power.

Dual weidling handcannons/sawn-off shotguns/smgs: From Military Training? Different Advantage?
You could simply set a strength requirement. -Vaa
Would end up pretty high, like 6 or so. Don't think that's ideal.

OAGS Martial Artist v3
OAGS Gunslinger v3

I recommend the following shot changes:

Dive Shot
The gunslinger fires his gun while jumping through the air.
Attacks: 2
Special Rules: -2 to Hit. +2 to Defence.


Dead Eye
The gunslinger makes sure it hurts.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: If this attack hits, it's treated as a critical hit.

Kill Shot
The gunslinger attempts a very difficult shot to bring down the target immediately.
Attacks: 1
Special Rules: -7 to Hit. This attack deals triple damage.

I don't think I agree with these. Critical hits are hitting for maximum damage and there should be an upper limit on how much damage you can do with a certain weapon. I think double damage is a good upper limit.

Dead Eye is just Headshot renamed and Kill Shot is the new high power shot.

Another idea I had was to let anyone take -4 to Hit on any attack, and take this as many times as they like, to double the damage of their attack. This could even replace the current Critical Hit system so you have to call before hand whether you are trying to make a Critical Hit or just taking an easier shot. -Vaa

Again, not to my taste. In an ideal world, critical hits should be a bonus for when you do well, not something you get every turn.