Mad Science Discussion

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Mad science appears to come in three loose flavours. These are:

Mad Inventors: Make bizzare pieces of technology, such as robots and guns. Work like Mekboyz. Includes Japanese mech scientist, possibly Tesla, some people from industria, including industria's tesla.
Mad Doctors: Make flesh golems and strange grafts. Work like mad docs. Includes Frankenstein and Schadenfreude.
Mad Alchemists: Make potions and things. Probably very niche. Includes Jekyll.I'd merge Jekyll mith Mad Docs. He's just using pharmalogical solutions instead of surgical ones.

These varieties all seem to be able to manifest themselves fairly neatly using the various advantages. Is it necessary to have a mad science advantage for each of these? A package instead?

Packages might be best

Mad science should definately have an advantage available that allows them to just break natural laws when inventing. Whether or not this should be limited to their specialty should be up for debate.