Magickal Alteration

An extract from a lecture by Marcus of Macedonia

Upon the face of it, magickal alteration seems a quick and easy path to nigh-infinite power. Just collect power-granting rituals and piece by piece make yourself an immortal superhuman badass. Easy as pie.

That's how idiots think.

Sorcerer's First Addage: Lots of Power, Easily, Safely: Pick any two.

Magickal Alteration react with one another in weird ways. Start altering yourself willy-nilly and you'll find yourself mutating, screaming, puking blood all over the ceiling- it's not pretty. You need to do your research, find out what alterations work with which others and which don't. Of course, this knowledge is kept just as secret as the power-granting rituals themselves. You'll need to bribe, extort, threaten and steal. Worse, sometimes you'll find that nobody has tried that particular combination you have before. Then you have two choices: take the plunge yourself or get some sap to do it.

The downside of getting a sap to do it is if the sap lives you have a superpowered enemy. Have fun with that.