Major Occult Cities

The occult community tends to congregate in particular cities. Some because of their long history, some because of their large population, but for one reason or another, when occult things happen they tend to happen in the same dozen or so cities.


London1 is the occult capital of the world. Old, vast and an economic powerhouse, London contains power, knowledge and culture for occults.

Large Occult Communities

Don't add too many more of these

Medium Occult Communities

We need about a half dozen more of these, without Agency bases in them.

  • Cairo1 (see Egypt)
  • Toronto1
  • Moscow (owned by Kysenia Vladlena)
  • Barcelona1
  • Edinburgh1
  • Mumbai
  • Sydney
  • San Francisco
  • Mexico City1
  • Istanbul <— I think this should be a major one.

1 The Agency has a base in this city.