Manus Dei

Manus Dei is the occult-aware arm of the Roman Catholic Church. It was founded in 1097, after Islamic sorcerers were encountered during the First Crusade. It is the oldest surviving occult-aware group in the world, with the exception of the Children of Dagon.

Manus Dei are, for the most part, monster hunters, destroying the occult menaces that prey on the innocent. However, they are fiercely intolerant of even the benign supernatural, with only a few exceptions. They believe loyalist angels to be direct emissaries from God and will obey them without question. The believe that the use of magick is a mortal sin, with the exception of that associated with Catholic rituals, which they hold to be a different nature to what they term ‘witchcraft’. They do not believe psychics to be damned, but believe the use of psychic powers to be a mortal sin.

They believe that vampires, fae and xenoforms are soulless abominations and ought to be destroyed. They believe that werewolves ought to be captured, given the chance to confess their sins, then executed with a silver axe, to save their immortal soul from the inevitable sin of murder, should the werewolf remain alive (a special exception, however, is made in the case of Father Alberto Albio). They believe that ghosts commit a venial sin by refusing to enter Heaven and will attempt to convince them to do so. It goes without saying that Manus Dei consider rebel angels to be the vilest servants of Satan and will oppose them to the fullest extent of their power whenever possible.

Manus Dei are led by Cardinal Antoine Lucon. Father Brian Kelly is their foremost agent.

Manus Dei use blessed silver cruciform arming swords inscribed with the words "Exodus 22:18" and FN P90s loaded with special made silver rounds (there is a convent of nuns in Southern Italy who make all of Manus' Dei's ammunition).