Marble Mind

The Marble Minds are a collection of ancient artifacts held by The Terrible Hand of YHWH.

Most magical items are forged by humans or xenoforms by occult methods, but few are ever gifted to humanity by God himself. Indeed, such items are of extreme rarity, power, craftsmanship and above all, value.

Such are the Marble Minds, held by the Terrible Hand of YHWH. These are a collection of seven marble spheres that store countless centuries of wisdom to be received by a worthy aspect of YHWH.


A Marble Mind is made entirely from pure, white marble. Its surface is completely flawless, even when examined under a microscope. All are the right size to be held in a man's palm and feel smooth and warm to the touch. They continuously float 11 1/3 inches above whatever they are placed on, unless manipulated.


These marble minds are vital to the purpose of the Terrible Hand of YHWH. They hold the very consciousness of all who have owned it in the past and pass this on to its current owner. This means that current holders of these artifacts have over seven thousand years of memories, experience and wisdom at their disposal. Different minds are able to pass on other things, such as ability to use certain spells in the case of the mender and the destroyer for example.

Seven Minds

There were seven Marble Minds passed down by YHWH. Of these, six are still held today.
The Eyes: Held by Terrible Hand of YHWH.
The Heart: Held by Terrible Hand of YHWH.
The Destroyer: Held by Terrible Hand of YHWH.
The Mender: Held by Terrible Hand of YHWH.
The Traveller: Held by Terrible Hand of YHWH.
The Unknown: Held by Terrible Hand of YHWH. Completely unable to attune to a person.
The Lost: Held by an unknown party, or lost in an unknown place.

The Unknown

Each Marble Mind is assigned and attuned to an 'officer' for lack of a better term in the Terrible Hand of YHWH, save for one particular specimen. This matches all other known marble minds in every other way, save for the fact that it seems to be unable to attune itself to anyone. At all. This could be for any or even several of the following reasons:
- It is already attuned to something or someone. If this is the case, its owner has lived for upwards of six and a half thousand years.
- It cannot be attuned to humans. All members of the Terrible Hand are human, and no others are invited to even see the marble minds, let alone attempt to attune them.
- It is broken. Perhaps it is simply a floating sphere?
- It is reserved for a chosen one.
It is assumed that YHWH knows why it exists and what it is for, but apparently he refuses to speak of it.

The Lost

There is one Marble Mind that is not in the possession of the Terrible Hand. The Traveller senses that it still exists and regularly receives and transfers consciousness and has done so since it was first stolen. What knowledge and powers lie within are a mystery even to him.