Maria-Susannah Lucretia Belmont-Charlesworthy

Maria-Susannah Lucretia Belmont-Charlesworthy(1984-) is the only daughter of Hugh Charlesworthy and Josephine Belmont. She is a human free agent psychic wizard. She is a multi-talented singer, poet, actress and model. She is exceptionally beautiful, standing 5' 9"", slender, but with curves in all the right places. Her hair is gleaming silver and her eyes change colour depending on her mood. She has modified herself to have white feathery wings, but her unique command of Faerie Magic mean they are visible only to those who she wants to see them.

Mary-Sue, as she is called by her countless friends, has the ability to communicate with all animals and is beloved by them all. She is especially close to her magickly awakened snow leopard 建設やぎ(Kirameku), to whom she has magickally granted the ability to fly.

Maria doesn't get on well with her father who disapproves of her overt meddling of in society. Never the less, being as he is an honorable man, he sees her occasionally to lunch at the Ritz hotel and sends her a generous stipend. He refuses however to give here access to any kind of time travel technology, on the rather sensible basis that she is a terrible idealist, and lacks the necessary pragmatism to meddle in time.

Little does her father know, however, that on her sixteenth birthday, Mary-Sue manifested her unique psychic power: time control. She has since then, been able to travel in time at will, as well as freeze time for all but herself and age or de-age people with a touch. She has used this psychic power with extreme wisdom and compassion, making thousands of small, subtle changes to the time stream, improving the lives of billions of people throughout history.

Mary-Sue was at one time involved in a relationship with Vlad Green though he came to realise she was attempting to gain access to his time travel technology, and has since sworn to kill her, Indeed some believe his experiences with Mary-Sue Charlesworthy led him to become the misanthropic mercenary he is today.

Mary-Sue is currently in a relationship with a youthful future version of Merlin.

There are few who do not absolutely adore Mary-Sue, except for the members of the shady underground team; Girls' Occult Team for Heretical Study (G.O.T.H.S). This sinister society's plans are often thwarted by her and they too, have vowed to remove her from existence.

Mary-Sue's favourite food is garlic, which she consumes a lot of during the day.

The above article is, of course, a joke and not canon.