A Melusine is a Fae creature heavily associated with water. They appear as a human with fine features and exact proportions. The entirety of this fey race is female, and they rely on tricking and alluring mortal men to reproduce with them. The chance of conception is not a good one, and this is dealt with by the Melusine's unquenchable libido and evolutionary progress.

Melusine can live for thousands and thousands of years, can be either friendly or vicious and without much room for a middle ground. They make their homes under the sea in many, many worlds and either help or kill lost sailors depending on their outlook. This is of course, after having their way with them. They can be solitary in their habitats, or form small communities.

All Melusine hold a small amount of power over water. They can also naturally develop power over air and greater powers over water as they get older. A rare few develop a siren song and can keep a horde of men as slaves. A rare few Melusine become faeries, favoring the powers of Gorgons as theirs for the taking.