Merlin (~2500 BC - ), also called by innumerable other names, is a wizard of unique parentage, most notable for leading the effort to banish the gods and aiding Arthur Pendragon's ascension to the throne of England. According to rumour, he currently leads an organization called Pendragon.

Merlin was born at some time around 2500 BC and was the child of a human woman an incarnate angel of the Rebel Faction. His father has variously alleged to be Belial, Azazel, Baal or Astarte and his place of birth Egypt, Britain, Greece, Israel or Persia. Merlin is the only known child of an incarnate angel.

Details of Merlin's life are sketchy. He was certainly one of the most capable sorcerers to ever exist and is known to have used magick to grant himself vast and terrible powers, including shapeshifting and precognition. He is also known to have inherited certain powers from his father, including the power to speak in the language of Babel and an awareness of alterations to the timestream.

Merlin is known to have been born as an extremely old man and to have aged backwards, appearing younger as time passed. Best estimates have him becoming about 3 years younger every century. Reports from about 1000 BC describe him as "impossibly old". In the 5th century, he seems to have appeared about 90. Unverified reports of him at the court of Elizabeth I, have him appearing about 60. This would suggest that if Merlin is still active, his current biological age is somewhere in his mid-40s. It also suggests that Merlin will de-age into an infant at some point around 3500 AD.