Metaphysics of the Hughniverse

These are the metaphysics of the Hughniverse as I've worked them out— Ben.


Most of this stuff is totally unknown to almost everyone.

  • God exists. He created the Universe. He is not all-powerful, but he has incrediable power of which Words of Power, ritual magick and Natural Magick are but incomplete aspects. He can alter what rituals work and how, but not without some small effort.
  • All angels, including Lucifer and Michael were once mortal souls. A being with a gold aura is a spirit which has been enlightened. Passing into a spiritual world automatically enlightens the spirit.

As I write this, I wonder, maybe wizards ought to count as enlightened.

  • There are three spiritual worlds. The third is Nirvana, but only already enlightened spirits can pass into it.
  • Spirits which are dissipated form into new souls, without any memory or personality. This is where the souls of newborn children come from.
  • Green aura-ed beings are the races of magickal creatures which were created by angels as weapons during the Great War. This is why werewolves, dragons, leprechauns and the phoenix all have the same colour aura.
  • I have not decided what God's Plan is, but Lucifer's plan is to gain as many souls as possible and either to make them into deadly warrior-angels or dissipate them to reform them as deadly warrior-angels. He then wants to restart the Great War, win it, and kill God, which he believe will give him God's power.
  • A True AI is sufficiently like a human brain to have formed a soul out of dissipated soulstuff. That is why True AIs are treated as people by magic. They have a white aura.
  • My plans for fae, since out-voted: Bodiless intelligences between parallel worlds formed bodies out of glamour to interact with the these worlds, because they were curious. They then created minions, servants, concubine, etc. out of glamour. A Without or changeling is the result of them making a human from glamour.

A thought. Do animals have souls? If so, what happens to those souls? Immediate dissipation on death because they can't hold themselves together?
Going by the logic pertaining to true AI, animals sufficiently smart enough or perhaps that could be considered near-sentient would have souls, such as orangutans and dolphins. Regardless, they do not comprehend moral decisions. Perhaps animals should have their own set of non-sentient rules governing them.

  • The Muans had a great deal of arcane knowledge. They were well aware of the existance of God, angels and small-g-gods and did not consider any of them worthy of worship. They believe that before God said "Let there be Light" and made the Universe, there was Darkness. In this Darkness, the 8 Outer Gods lived. It was these 8 that the Muans worshipped.
  • Ka-Tha-Lo(Cthulhu)
  • Az-Ath-Oth(Azathoth)
  • Yog-Soth-Oth(Um, Yog-Sothoth)
  • Ni-Ar-La-Tho-Tep(Nyarlathotep)
  • Shub-Nig-Gur-Ath(Shub Niggurath)
  • The Unspeakable One(Hastur)
  • Ni-Op-Soth-Ep(The Nameless Mist)
  • The Pipers(The Lesser Outer Gods)

They don't necessarily exist; they didn't grant the Muans any kind of powers or intercede in the Time War between Atlantis and Mu, but the Muans believed in them and knew as much about the Universe as any modern occultist. Metaphysics-wise, their existance is a deliberate unknown, of which only occasional terrifying hints should be evident. Nonetheless, their existance should not be disproved, either.

Some occultists believe netherlings come from the Darkness, while others believe they are an unknown kind of xenoform or a construct of the magick used to invoke them.