The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), colloquially known as MI6 is the United Kingdom's external intelligence agency, part of the country's intelligence community.

Office 66

Office 66, headed by Agent Drake, is responsible for collating all information about the activity's and whereabouts of Hugh Charlesworthy and the other errant members of Department T of British Military Intelligence. It is also the chief point of contact between MI6 and Sir James Charlesworthy Drake is satisfied that Sir Jim knows nothing of the whereabouts of his Grandfather, and finds the information Jim can provide him with to be somewhat useful. Office 66 itself passes all its information up to a higher authority to act on as it will, Agent Drakes personal opinion of Hugh Charlesworthy is not a matter of record. Office 66 currently has Brigadier Courtney-Smithe under surveillance as much as is possible without causing a schism in the intelligence community.

Following the terrorist attack on 1 Camelot Place, the Prime Minister has taken a personal interest in Office 66 and expanded its remit. It is currently investigating the attacks and attempting to track down the terrorists responsible.