Midnight Group

The Midnight Group is a conspiracy of Mossad agents who have thrown off the Veil. They are aware of both the occult and of the existance of time travel, though they have no time travel capability themselves. They enjoy extremely good relations with both Department T and the Agency. The leadership of Mossad is part of the Midnight Group, allowing occult-aware Mossad agents a great deal more freedom and flexibility that occult-aware agents in other intelligence agencies.

The Midnight Group has polite, if cool, relations with the Military Intelligence Bureau and the Chinese Bureau 13. They do not get on well with the Hashshashin; although it has been more than 4 years since the last violent encounter between the two groups, they distrust each other intensely and will work to prevent each other gaining control of magick items or rituals. Mossad regards the Hashshashin as potential anti-Israel terrorists, while the Hashshashin are all too aware of how much Arabic blood Mossad has on its hands.