Military Intelligence Bureau

The Military Intelligence Bureau is an American organization, with its headquarters in Area 51, Nevada. It is led by General George West. The MIB was founded in 2004, following the election of Sam Morris. Its charter assigns to it responsibility to investigate events of a possible supernatural nature and to take action to preserve and empower the United States of America with regard to the occult.

Almost all Military Intelligence Bureau agents are already certified as being loyal to Majestic-12. The Military Intelligence Bureau has access to various forms of xenotech and advanced technology. Most notable are their Aerial Attack Discs, which most individuals would recognise as "flying saucers".

It is worth noting, that though the MIB has officially existed only since 2004, MJ-12 has existed, in some form or other since the Roswell Incident and much of the equipment, practices and agents of the MIB existed previously off the books.

The MIB it ought to be noted, is intensely disliked by the FBI and CIA. While the MIB is officially given overall control of any investigation it takes an interest in, by order of the President, the older agencies regard the MIB as a brash young upstart and are generally as obstructive as they can safely be. This is especially true of those individuals within the CIA and FBI who have had previous friendly dealings with the Agency. The upshot of this is that often, despite the Agency's designation as a terrorist group in the US, it receives reports of possible supernatural activity some days prior to the MIB. As might be imagined, this has not improved relations between the two groups.

The MIB is currently in the process of reorganizing, relocating and covering up its paper trail. Morris is leaving office in January 2013 and neither of his possible successors are likely to countenance the existence of the MIB. By January, they aim to be smaller, smarter and untraceable.