Miyuzuki Tamakeri

Miyuzuki Tamakeri is a Time Agent for Hiroshima Aruki chrono Soldiers (HACS). She is a magick-slinging technopath and hunts N.

Miyuzuki is HACS' only weapon against N. She is classified as a demigoddess Sephanus cross.

Genetic Makeup

Miyuzuki's genetic code is radically different from any of the other time agents' on account of her being half-xenoform. She therefore inherits half Dr. Tamakeri's genes, half genes of an unknown Sephanus, and a swath of artificial time agent DNA.


Miyuzuki has a collection of bizarre powers that have just developed and have never before been seen on this world or others. She is a potent telepath, able to communicate not just with humans, but she is able to command computers and machines with her brain; a trait only otherwise displayed in those with cybernetic brain implants (who are unable to manifest telepathic powers). She can mould materials and components into working machines using only her mind and disintegrate them back into their component parts very quickly. She has the ability to fire shining bolts of mercury and liquid cobalt from her hands like fireballs, and use other mind-bending magick. On top of this, she is very beautiful and charming - a residual trait of being a demigod. On the downside she is somewhat meek, inheriting some degree of unwillingness to battle from both parents - an error of foresight my HACS. However since she is part human, this unwillingness manifests as a strong preference rather than an absolute no. She can further be induced into hot blood by fighting alongside her older half-sister, Kaori, who she looks up to and is comparatively a psychopath.


The cult of N is Miyuzuki's main enemy, and her purpose to life. While N and the Sephana wish to raise this final god and bring completion to their race, her father and his followers believe that he is a bad omen and will bring then end of their times for all Chatuth, Sephana and humans. Miyuzuki and Rosa Luisa Gales, another Sepahana demigoddess, have battled several times before however she has had to retreat every time because Rosa is just too powerful for her. Whenever they are in a thousand mile distance of each other, one detects the other and they begin having slanging matches.