MJ-12/Pyramid Super Soldier Program

Project Hector

Generation 0: 1980, 40 subjects

Project Hector was the first attempt at an MJ-12 super soldier programme. It was a total disaster, killing all test subjects and host mothers.

Project Achilles

Generation 1: 1984, 40 subjects
Generation 2: 1996, 200 subjects

Project Achilles was an MJ-12 super-soldier program. 40 children born in 1984 were subject to a program of chemical, biological and cybernetic alteration, the primary phase of which lasted from their conception to the age of about 13, thereafter requiring only a few pills per day to stabilise and maintain the changes. As well as their enhanced abilities, the test subjects of Project Achilles have also been subject to extensive mental conditioning and comprehensive military and black ops training. As of 2011, of the 40 test subjects, 10 died in early childhood due to bad reactions to the treatment, 7 died in training accidents and 7 have been killed during field operations. The surviving test subjects were operatives of the Military Intelligence Bureau. The test subjects regarded MJ-12 as their family. They were totally loyal to MJ-12, the MIB and America- in that order.

A second generation of 200 subjects was born in 1996 and were in the middle of their training in 2011. At that point 177 of the second generation were still alive.

The Project Achilles test subjects exhibit peak human strength, speed and agility. Their military training is superior to that of any other special operations unit in the world due to their having been trained from such a young age. In addition, as operatives of the MIB, they have access to an impressive array of xenotech. However, due to their sheltered upbringing and odd psychology, they have difficulty making friends or fraternising outside the context of military units or MJ-12 conspirators.

In 2011, Project Achilles was folded into Project Death Knight.

Project Death Knight

Generation 3: 2011, 500 subjects

Following the development of techno-vampirism in 2011, Project Death Knight was initiated, converting all Project Achilles test subjects into techno-vampires. Almost half of these test subjects failed to survive conversion, but the remainder, 102 individuals(9 twenty-seven year olds and 93 fifteen year olds) served as the shock troops for the Illuminati/MJ-12 takeover of the world.

A third generation, specifically designed to be especially compatible with techno-vampirism, was put into production. Of the 500 hundred test subjects, 476 survived to the age of 13, at which point they were implanted with techno-vampirism. The scientists in charge of Project Death Knight had projected a 95% survival rate. Unfortunately, only 291 of the test subjects survived.

In light of this comparative failure and of the massive expense involved in gene-crafting test subjects, designing the personalized drug cocktails of each and designing and manufacturing the cybernetic augmentation necessary for each subject, it was decided further use of the Project Achilles technology was no longer a sensible use of time and resources. Instead, Project Legion was launched.

The remainder of Project Death Knight's funding was allocated to training the surviving test subjects and the R&D department's funding and personnel was transfered to Project Legion.

Project Legion

Project Titan

Generation 4: 2029, 1,000 subjects

Generation 5: 2042, 1,500 subjects

Project Hera

Generation 6: 2051, 10,000 subjects

Generation 7: 2054, 100,000 subjects

Generation 8: 2056, 250,000 subjects

Generation 9: 2059: 1 million subjects