Standing 3' tall, and made entirely from bamboo, straw, wood, glass and uranium, Mokunin is a robot with a difference. He is the invention of a crazy old man who was murdered years ago. He travels the land with his best friend, a large, similarly made robot hawk made by his creator seeking retribution for his death.

Mokunin is powered by pressurised combustion derived from uranium fission. His chassis houses a tiny block of uranium and a turbine which is capable of powering him for about 100 years on end. This method has its problems however, and not only because he is flammable. The excess heat needs frequent venting, which he does so from his chest in great gouts of fire. Additionally, he is capable of overloading his power source to cause a minor nuclear explosion, killing him in the process.

His robotic bird, Tori, is larger than he is. At a beak to tail length of about 5', and a wingspan of 8', Mokunin often rides on his back during his travels, or in his talons as part of a daring rescue.