Mr Jackson

Mr Jackson is a mercenary for hire in the British occult community, He is strong, Fast, ruthless, a deadeye shot and asks no questions. He is also a very secretive individual.

Until recently, Mr Jackson thought of himself as Gulf War veteran and CIA renagade James Nash. He remembers growing up in America, he remembers joining the army, going through basic training and fighting and being criticly injured in Operation Desert Storm. These memorys are false. There may once have been a Captian James Nash of the US Army, who was Killed in Desert Storm whose record was loaded into Jackson's brain, or it may be a fabrication. A robot, believing himself to be Captain Nash was brought online during the final days of the Gulf War and encouraged to seek employment in the CIA where he worked for a number of years, quickly learning all the skills of the trade. In 2009 however, he was betrayed and into a Millitery Inteligence Bureau trap. Nash knew a little about the bureau and the occult and assumed he had been sold out because he knew too much. In a final confrontation between him and the forces sent to aprehend him as he sought to escape he managed to sucessfully fake his own death, by destroying the supertanker he was stowed away on, which sank to the depths of the Atlantic, with the loss of all hands, several MIB opertives, and apparently, Agent Nash.

Some months later, Nash made his way to England, created a new identity for himself and set about starting a new life. He quickly descovered the only marketable skill he had was violance. Fortunately, this coupled with a knowledge of the occult made him a fairly valuable commodity. Haveing trained himself to speak with a British accent he crafted several falce identities for himself, his most commonly used pseudonym being Neil Jackson. However, he never used the name "Neil" when introducing himself, prefering to be called "Mr Jackson" or "Jack". This way he can be sure when someone has taken the time to look up his offical records.

Some years later, Jackson found himself working in a roundabout way for the legendery Hugh Chalesworthy. After getting into a number of scrapes and forming unlikely friendships with a Vampire and a Japanese Schoolgirl from the future, the reality of Jackson's being was finally revealed.

He is a robot, constructed to resemble humans in every possible way, to pass undetected for the real thing. He suspects he was planted in the CIA by the MIB as a test of his abilitys and they came after him when he failed to return to base. However, he could have been constructed by anyone, for any reason.

Jackson is fundamentally at odds with his own being, and feels betrayed by the Americans, the CIA, and by humanity in general. Where before he did what needs to be done because he was a professional, now he finds killing and torturing human beings even easier. Afterall, he isn't one of them and he owes them nothing.

This outlook was obviously incompatable with continued employment with Department T, so one night he simply left. Perhaps out to the street, perhaps out the Einstien Gateway to another time. He needs to clear his head, to try and understand his place in the world.

But whats also true is he needs money and resources. And his only marketable skill remains killing.