N are a cult, dedicated to raising the lost continents of Atlantis and Mu.


The story of N is one of space gods and combat prostitutes. Thousands of years ago in distant stars, an extra-terrestrial race called the Chatuth embarked upon a journey spanning galaxies to settle new worlds in the name of their gods and recover the shards of their master's former worlds. In 2068, Chatuth discovered the planet earth and signs of a lost Sephana, alive beneath the waves of it's largest ocean. Terminal pacifists, the Chatuth instead decided to 'convert' Earth's inhabitants instead of invading. To this end, they created a half-human demigoddess, Rosa Luisa Gales to found the religion of N and raise up their lost god.


The cult of N makes its base at Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, the last remenant of the South Atlantean Archipelago. Many cultists also make their homes there. Its population has gotten so large that semi-artificial islands have been raised by the priestesses of Slei to provide more physical space for its population to settle.

Space Magick (Spagick, for short)


As the Sephana grant gifts of magickal alteration to their alien followers, so too do they grant them to the Earthlings. They are granted in largely the same criteria as for the Chatuth save for some changes according to the god's purpose and bias towards humans. Gods like Kaea and Gurei are rather wary of humans and only grant their gifts to individuals of exceptional devotion and ability, whereas some gods such as Tota and Tath-Qui are thrilled with their new followers and will do all they can to get their devoted ones filled up to the eyeballs with their power. Psid continues to dole out small amounts of power to just anyone. The pacifist Kaea and her children display some amounts of disgust at how humans are handily able to twist their gifts into combat purposes. Keskio, whose gifts are considered highly destructive even in the hands of the peaceful Chatuth, allows just one human to use her powers. This person is usually extremely disciplined and meditative, and is ruled with an iron fist by the Dark Sorceress.


N's greatest enemy on Earth is The Master Church as they both struggle to attract followers using demagoguery and aggressive conversion techniques, and that they are both trying to overthrow the most established beliefs in the world and slaughter those who would deny them. Miyuzuki Tamakeri of HACS also presents a great threat she too is acquired a Sephana-type demigoddess, signaling that perhaps one or more gods have turned traitor to them, or, Kaea forbid, her creators are able to subvert the genetic codes of the gods themselves. As soon as the cult becomes powerful enough to crush her homeland in a single blow, there will be a gigantic smoldering crater east of the Industocracy.


N wishes to manipulate no more than two secret societies; Interest 9 and God's Chosen. It attracts large amount of I9 attention because they are able to produce all kinds of exotic technologies using the gifts of alien gods. Converts from the Interest make splendid priests of Kaea. Rosa Luisa Gales, whether she likes it or not is considered by many to be the second coming of Christ, or the true messiah to the Jews. even amongst some of those opposed to N. Though she denies this, her ex-Abrahamic followers consider this to be God's way of demanding a radical change in favour of human progression. Nevertheless, whatever one believes, N have gods who act, and for whom there is definitive proof of, swaying many, many god's chosen to their favour.

Theta Wars

Here follows a list of N's rivals in the Theta Wars and their relationships.
Time Nazis: The Time Nazis are a horrific atrocity to the Sephana, who believe in balance and beauty in all things. They would also usurp followers and prospective followers and take them into their own ranks as they are well disciplined and deadly.
Chrono Force Elite: A sinister enemy to N, as everyone is aware that 'those guys on N island' worship some new gods, but there is evidence this faction knows that they are alien deities.
Alpha Machine: N rarely come into conflict with the insidious mind network that is the Alpha Machine. When they do, it almost always ends in the apparent death of a good, honest N worshipper.
The Master Church: Perhaps N's bitterest enemy, they share much of the same agendas and aim for radically different outcomes.
Industrial O'M: A feared megacorp that boasts technology to rival that of Kaea's sorcerers, IOM hate the very concept of N and crush any followers they find, and take great pleasure in defiling the alien technology in the most offensive way possible.
Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers (HACS): Though not a Theta faction, HACS are a potent enemy of N. Largely invisible to the cult, only time agent Miyuzuki Tamakeri has revealed herself as a rogue demigod force interested only in foiling the cult's attempts to raise Mu or N, and standing up against Rosa Luisa when she shows to mess things up.
Department T of British Military Intelligence: Enemy of all Theta Factions, Dept. T 'deal with' N whenever they come into contact, but more often than not find themselves accepting aid from the strange cultists to deal with the greater Time Nazi and Master Church threats.