Nate Cyril

Nate Cyril has OAGS stats.

Nate Cyril is a Phantom working primarily for The Agency's sigma section. His main job is to find and extract occult lore for The Agency's use, either subtly or brutally. He is often sent out with one of the agency's intervention teams for this purpose, and often works alone. Other teams he has worked with include Omega, Psi, Omicron and Lambda.

Nate grew up on Leroux, the Phantom homeworld, living under a name which has been long forgotten in the city of Tresfleur. There, he had grown up learning the arts of swordsmanship and the elemental magick of air. At age 20, in 1995, he fell madly in love with a human girl working for the agency who was investigating Leroux. When it was time for her to leave, he chose to forsake his homeworld and followed his heart. The two were married a few years later, and Nate was given a job in sigma section by Julian Adler who was impressed with his variety of talents.

In the year 2003, his wife gave birth to fraternal twins, Christine Cyril and Leon Cyril.

In the year 2009, he was an unwilling tool in Francis Smith's plot to sell the agency out to the Order of Dracula and was driven into depression in his self-imposed exile. Solace came in 2011 when Nick Slater contacted him seeking help in retrieving the ashes of Adler. He, along with Nick, Anna and Fitt ended his life in order to get into hell. The group later escaped, and had been transformed into angels as a result of their visit. Azrael then confronted them with an ultimatum. Nate, ever the phantom, smart-mouthed the angry angel and was sent to oblivion by his sword.

When the timeline was reset as Francis Smith was exposed, he was sent back to the world where he continued to work for the agency, even spending a brief stint standing in as Sigma until a more appropriate person was found.

Nate holds only apathy for the wellbeing of the world in his own purposes, but fights on the side of the agency in order to secure a livable future for his children. He believes strongly in destiny and is not afraid to end lives, nor is he afraid to risk his own. Nate is functionally a jack of all trades: He is a skilled swordsman, an able warlock, and his phantom charm and wit usually get him what he wants before he even has to think about drawing his blade. His expertise in magick is the element of air. He suffers all of the usual phantom weaknesses and taboos, as well as being somewhat obsessive.