Naziworld is parallel universe. It does not appear to be created by time travel or to have played any part in our universe's Extended Second World War between the SS Zeitkommando and Department T. The point of divergence between our universe and it seems to have occurred in the late 19th century and by the start of World War II the differences are extremely noticeable.

Most notably, in 1925, Arnold Springer, leader of the British Fascist Party becomes Prime Minister of Britain. In 1926, following George V's attempt to dissolve parliament, Springer's men had him assassinated and Edward VIII become king ten years earlier than in our universe. This seems to have led (records recovered from Naziworld are unreliable, being mainly Party Propaganda), to Britain entering the war on the side of the Axis and a lack of alliance between Japan and Germany.

The Second World War was, therefore, not so much a world war as three separate wars.

The European War: Italy, Spain, Britain and Germany were able to divide Europe between themselves with minimal trouble. By 1942, all of Europe was under the control of the four Axis powers.

The Eastern War: Japan's aggression against Russia, China and America ends badly as these three nations work together to conquer Japan. Japan is divided into Russian, Chinese and American zones by 1943.

The Russian War: The European Axis goes to War with the Soviet Union in 1944. Initially, America and China have a policy of neutrality, but as the European Axis conquers Russia, the Americans and Chinese divide Japan and Eastern Russia between themselves. By 1952, three world powers exist and a kind of three-way Cold War begins.

In 1958, following increasing tensions, war breaks out between America and China. The Alliance of European Fascist States (AEFS) maintains a strict policy of neutrality during the conflict. The conflict wages for almost 20 years, reducing both China and America to practically third-world nations.

In 1964, Princess Elizabeth, Heir Presumptive to her uncle Edward VIII, marries Hans Himmler, the eldest son of the German Führer Heinrich Himmler. Their first son, Adolf Heinrich Elizabeth Windsor is born in 1970. Hans Himmler becomes Reichsführer in 1971, following his father's death and Elizabeth becomes Queen of England in 1975.

In 1976, the AEFS explodes the world's first nuclear bomb. In 1977 they end the war between China and America with a massive nuclear bombing campaign that became known as the Nuclear Blitz.

In 1980, the AEFS became a federal Greater Reich and soon much of the former United States was rendered likewise part of the Reich. As the sole remaining world superpower, the Reich was able to extend its grip across the entire world by 1990, nuking Africa on a massive scale and using a bio-engineered virus to annihilate the population of East Asia.

In 1992, following the death of his parents in a completely unsuspicious car accident while driving through Paris, Adolf Windsor became King of England and Reichsführer. In 1994 he is declared Weltführer and declares that all of planet Earth, as well as the moon, are part of the Greater Aryan Reich.

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