Nemesis is a criminal organisation that has been operating in at least one form or another since 1975. Its members are drawn from the most successful criminal organisations and other persons of flexible morality with sufficient talent. Though Nemesis acknowledges it works outside the bounds of the law, the group is in fact named for Nemesis, the spirit in Greek mythology who was responsible for divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris. In the view of Nemisis this extends to The Agency, The Charlesworthy Foundation, The Catholic Church and most first world governments to name just a few. This power could obviously be better weilded by Nemisis itself, or by sympathetic goverments. Nemisis would say they pursue these goals ruthlessly, but that they are no more 'evil' then those organisations that they seek to topple. They simply have to recruit ruthless, goal driven individuals who want to help dismantle the status quo for whatever reason. Nemesis operates behind the seemingly legitimate front of the International Fund for the Protection of Historical Buildings.

Previously the IFPHB operated mainly out of a building in Paris. However, recently here listed headquarters have been an office in Bruges, strangely they also have a far larger complex in Benin, just to the north east of Poto-Novo, close to the Nigerian Border. The IFPHB cite a need to have a greater presence in areas were historical buildings are less likely to receive care from the state. And cite examples such as the Oba's Palace as buildings which will not be cared for properly without international aid.

The Nemesis logo features this Greek Spirit who, convienantly, resembles a female two winged angel as commonly dipecited in Christian icons. Nemesis can usually be identified by carrying one or more of the following: a measuring rod, a bridle, scales, a sword and a scourge, and/or rideing in a chariot drawn by griffins. Since the dipiction of an angel is fairly commonplace, Nemisis members can display there aligence fairly openly, without drawing much suspicion.

Nemesis is structured around eight powerful individuals who are each expected to maintain there own operations and resources and largely manage there own affairs. They generally pay a percentage to Nemesis itself and are expected to make themselves and there organisations available for Nemesis operations. 'Numbered Officers' or Numbers, are occasionally tasked with collaborateing directly in a small group to accomplish a particularly difficult task, as most Numbers are exceptionally personally capable. The Eight Nemesis positions are currently as follows.

Number One - 'The Big Boss'
Very little is known about Number One. He appears to the other members of the Nemesis Cabinet only by means of a screen, his face always obscured by shadow. He talks flawless English in what has been described as a practised neutral accent. He appears sat at a desk, hands visible in front of him. He is apparently a white male. Occasionally, a pair of shapely woman's legs are visible in frame wearing sheer stockings. Some people to within Nemesis speculate privately that 'the legs' may be the true power behind the throne. Others hold the view that a rich and powerful man such as Number One naturally enjoys the company of attractive women. What is unclear is the extent of the 'circle within a circle' that is apparently privy to both Number One's true identity and his involvement with Nemesis. Number ones Location is closely guarded secret.

Number Two - 'The Right Hand'
A little more is known about number two, the most senior of the Numbers who attends meetings in person. He is a middle aged man with heavy scarring, and thick dark hair. His main responsibility is internal affairs. He sees that the other Numbers are supplied with what they need in the way of materials and information to better carry out Number One's plans. The personnel in Nemesis facility's worldwide report directly to Number Two. Number Two maintains he knows just as little about Number One as any other Number, but since he must be responsible for setting up the TV feed, he must know at least a little more then he is letting on. Regardless, the full extent to which Number Two and Number One know each other is unknown.

Number Three - 'The Witch'
Real Name: Jennifer Aldred
Jennifer is the resident Occultist at Nemesis. She appears to be an incredibly attractive young woman in her early twenties, however her knowledge and wisdom indicate that she is much older, and has through magical means found some way of retaining her youthful appearance. She is the most powerful magik user in Nemesis and was, until recently, the only magik user. She has access to a reasonably large arcane library. As something of an ironic gesture, she owns a black cat.

Number Four - 'The Mastermind'
Real Name: Arthur Moriarty
Though himself a highly capable individual, Moriarty's real strengths are as a planner and strategist for Nemesis. Often being the only person who can come up with a plan to satisfy the goals of Number One. Arguably more capable then Two and Three as a criminal, Moriarty's prospects for promotion within Nemesis are stunted only because Number One fears what he sees as Moriarty's inevitable betrayal.

Number Five - 'The Despot'
Real Name: Victor Mbutu
Victor is the Dictator of Benin, and this is the principal reason for the location of Nemesis base of operations in that country. Number Two's security forces are nicely complimented by elements of Victors army. In addition to bringing with him the support of an entire country, Victor is also very personally capable and brings to Nemesis a knowledge of voodoo magiks.

Number Six - 'The Scientist'
Real name: Doktor Gohn
When Churchill talked of the 'lights of perverted science' he might well have been talking about Doktor Gohn. A genuine Nazi war criminal, with a thorough knowledge of medical science. He serves Nemesis as head of the technical department - a sort of peverce Q branch - responsible for coming up with gadgets and gizmo's to aid Nemesis agents in the field. He is also an expert at physical torture, using subtle medical methods to inflict excruciating pain on his victims. He also occasionally, begrudgingly, turns his skills towards healing the sick and injured among Nemesis and its ally's. Though, anyone going under Doktor Ghon's blade risks waking up with 'improvements'.

Number Seven
No information known. Previously: Comrade Spechmmen Who served as Nemesis expert on temporal matters. (Hey, he was the best time traveller they could get!)

Number Eight
No information known. Previously: Deuce Hart Who served as Nemesis expert on the criminal fraternity.

Nemisis was until recently, a very small organisation, not noticed by many of the big players it sought to unseat. However, following a campaign of misdirection in early 2010 involving the kidnapping of Jim Charlesworthy and an all out attack on Manus Dai. Nemesis sucsessfully created enough confusion and disarray to allow Numbers Three and Four to obtain both a copy of the original Atlantian time travel ritual, and an artificat suitable for powering it. This enabled Nemisis to go back in time, to make a success of a previously botched operation to recover a selection of powerful occult artefacts once posessed by the Third Rich.

It is this that jump started Nemesis interest in the occult, which previous to the change in the time line had been something they were sadly deficient in. Meddleing in time was not without its downfall, however, Duce Heart was abandoned in the past, and now has bitter feelings towards Nemesis. Number two has a perticular hatred for Duce - since Duce caused his horrible facial scaring.

From: Alpha
To: Gamma
CC: Omega, Tau, Iota, Delta
Topic: Re: NEMESIS

Why the fuck were we not aware of these guys before? I find it deeply disturbing that they've just turned up out of nowhere with firepower enough to blast thier way through, what, 10 Manus Dei monks? I want IDs on all four agents, I want to know who's funding them and I want to know what their agenda is.

Get to work.

From: Gamma
To: Alpha
CC: Omega, Tau, Iota, Delta
Topic: Re: Re: NEMESIS
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I think I may have a lead. An un-Veiled club-owner by the name of Peter Hart: vanished five weeks ago, matches the description of one of the Vatican attackers from about that time. Now here's the interesting part; photos from the fall of the Berlin Wall show a man in the background that match Hart's current appearance. And guess whose paper trail only starts in 1990? None other than the Right Honorable Peter Hall, MP. I ran a facial comparison of the two through the computer. Peter Hall is definitely Peter Hart, twenty years on.

This is very bad; whoever these NEMESIS bastards are, they have access to time travel and people in Parliament! Will relay any additional information as soon as it comes to me.

From: Delta
To: Alpha
CC: Omega, Gamma, Tau, Iota
Topic: Re: Re: NEMESIS

One of those men looks like Gen. Mbutu, dictator of Benin. The others seem to be completely untraceable. Evidence suggests they were on a job for James Charlesworthy at the time of the attack, confirmed by the presence of that monkey Jim seems fond of.

From: Edwards M
To: Gamma
CC: Alpha, Omega, Tau, Iota, Delta
Topic: Re: Re: Re: NEMESIS

Under orders of Omega I have attended the audience of the question time that aired yesterday with the individual in question. I was unable to read his mind - it felt as if he did not even have a mind which is synonymous with a few forms of telepathy blocking. His aura read human with heavy magickal enhancements with an additional element I was unable to discern - silver streaks. The only other example of silver streaks we have seen were in one agent that was in Psi team for a few weeks before she was killed in action along with Sigma; Kaori Tamakeri. When questioned, she claimed not to know about 'magick mumbo jumbo' and when I probed her mind she was onto me before I could find anything - all she thought about was Mr. Fitt violating me in unusual ways.

It strikes me that these 'silver streak people' have things to hide and are meticulously well prepared against being ousted. Perhaps they were all in league?

From: Unknown
To: Alpha
CC: Gamma, Omega, Tau, Iota, Delta, Edwards M

Surely you don't mean to talk that way about a 'friend of a friend', do you?

From: Alpha
To: Unknown
CC: Gamma, Omega, Tau, Iota, Delta, Edwards M

Mr Hall, I presume?

From: Iota
To: Alpha
CC: Gamma, Omega, Tau, Delta, Edwards M
Topic: Re: Re: GENTLEMEN

The account "Unknown" was deleted seconds after sending that message, Alpha. Whoever that was, they were a skillful hacker. I'm restructuring our firewalls, but in the meantime, I suggest further discussion be held offline.