New York City

Whilst most occult cities are ancient, New York has really only been of much significance for a few hundred years. In that time it has seen an explosive growth of occult interest. Mass emigration to the new world over those short few centuries has bought on a rapid collision of occult cultures, in the same way it has for mortals. For this reason, the big apple hosts a whole rainbow of magickal disciplines and traditions. Historically, those interested in brokering deals and meeting with other occultists were loosely affiliated though the 'Platinum Circle', a forum of sorts for all New York's occultists. This was all recently shaken up, however, when the Scagnetti mafia family made a massive power grab by trying to exploit occultists by bullying some into submission and racketeering others. This struggle continued for a few years when finally, in 1995, the Scagnettis came out on top. Those not completely broken by the conflict made a pact to stand up to them wherever they showed, and the Platinum Ring has become their alliance. Separate to this, the sewers of New York are home to the largest collection of xenoforms, monsters and magickal misfits in the world, who have their own struggles and their own politics. Topside occultists frequently visit them to request aid and trade, but they scarcely leave their underground home.