Nick Slater

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Nick Slater(1963-2012) is Omega, leader of Omega Team, a highly skilled squad leader and all-round soldier. He was born into a relatively normal family in Greater London's suburbs, spending much of his young life as a normal child, running around with friends. His father, an ex-soldier taught him to shoot from a young age, rabbits mainly, eventually buying him an air rifle. He also sent the boy to learn martial arts as soon as he was old enough to understand the concept.

Nick, though not unintelligent, didn't do well academically, and preferred physical activities, determined to become a soldier like his father, he did everything he could to keep fit, playing various sports, preferring rugby, even playing for the county team. As soon as he finished school at 16 he joined the army parachute regiment in 1979, serving with it for the minimum two years before going up for selection. He passed first time, having been in incredible physical condition, his regular training regimen including a two mile run each day with a rucksack full of bricks. A year later he saw his first combat, deployed to the Falklands. On April the 25th 1982, on his 19th birthday, Nick killed his first man, his unit performing reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines.

Nick's unit was one of those that carried out a raid on Pebble Island on 14 May, destroying the Argentinian aircraft at the airfield there. Nick fought in many other operations as part of his time in the SAS, picking up a great many skills, and performing in a great many rolls, including, but not limited to; squad medic, demolitions and radio man. He also served a stint as an Assaulter and Sniper Team leader for the Counter Terrorist Wing.

He served in many operations that would never become public knowledge and many that would, including many of the key operations of the first Gulf War. Seeing death up close so many times, losing so many friends and being continually faced with his own mortality and surviving, Nick began to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress and paranoia. He became unable to form relationships and in 1999, after a harsh break-up with his 4 year girlfriend, he left the SAS flagged as 'mentally unstable.'

He worked several months as a bodyguard for an agency, finding the work stressful and un-fulfilling describing it as 'babysitting spoiled rich kids.' His work with the agency was finally terminated when he assaulted and hospitalized, as well as robbed a client and 3 colleagues who were attempting to perform sexual acts with a pair of underage prostitutes. The money he had stolen he gave to the girls.

Six months later, facing hard times Nick was contacted anonymously and offered a quarter of a million pounds for 8 hours work body-guarding someone. With mounting debt, no qualifications and little experience other than violence, Nick took up the offer, suspicious though he was. Escorting the man to a meeting in the countryside, his paranoia setting in like it never had before, Nick spotted the attack coming. With only a sidearm, provided by his employer, Nick managed to take down the three attackers single-handedly, taking minor flesh wounds in response.

Nick proceeded to inspect the corpses, finding that they were not only inhuman, but were getting back to their feet. With excessive force and a little ingenuity, Nick managed to once and for all dismember and destroy the creatures, sacrificing their vehicle in the process. Unblinking even for a second, despite the obvious occult nature of the creatures, Nick saw them only as targets. While they waited for the employer's contact to arrive, he explained he worked for an Agency, and, highly impressed by Nick's abilities and having read his file, offered him a job in it.

Nick later found out that his employer had used him out of desperation, sure that he was being followed, had been unable to find anyone else who could help in short notice and had picked Nick, expecting to have Nick die and be able to escape as the Ghouls consumed Nick's body.

Nick was immediately placed in an intervention team, upon joining the Agency rising quickly to team leader because of his experience and skill leading small teams. After a time he was restored to youth with the Elixir of Life, as his body began to weaken and age from the stresses placed upon it by Nick's arduous life-long activities. He became a trusted and, though not-liked, respected member of the Agency and in 2009 was placed in charge of Omega Team.

Nick is still a very paranoid individual and suffers from slight sociopathy and a disdain for most people, though he always does what he believes is best, even if others don't agree. He truly believes that the end always justifies the means. During his time in the Agency, Nick has grown to enjoy the company of a select few people, including Anna Smith, whom he had an on off relationship with before she was killed by Nick in an accident due to an Illusion caused by Vivian Gray. Nick is very loyal to the Agency and its leader.

Nick generally went into battle equipped in traditional SAS fashion, Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM's), commonly known as camouflage, Kevlar Vest, Webbing, M4 203, and various types of grenades. Though he has occasionally been known to use smaller calibre weapons and sometimes larger calibre too, such as sniper rifles. Nick's trusty Sig Sauer p226 sidearm never leaves him for a moment, he nearly always carries an unremarkable 6 inch combat knife also.

He spent a year in captivity at the hands of MJ-12 between August 2011 and June 2012. Following his return to the Agency, he was diagnosed with some for of trauma-induced psychosis but deemed too valuable to pull from active service. Some time later, Nick suffered the loss of his genitalia at the hands of insane American Hank Quincy. He has since hunted and killed a Mephistian in order to acquire a xenotissue transplant to replace the missing organ. This has not reassured Agency leadership as to his sanity.

Nick's favorite food is beef jerky, his favorite drink is anything alcoholic.