Norse God

There are several species of xenoform amoungst the Norse gods.

Aesir: Odin and his brothers Ve and Villi. It's hard to determine how powerful Aesir naturally are. Odin is physically weakened by having hung himself on Yggdrassil and is hugely magickally augemented in any case and both of his brothers are dead.

Giant: Loki and his children Hel, Jormundgar and Fenris. Giants are powerful, magickal and cunning, Loki and his kin even more so.

Vanir: Freya, her brothers Freyr and Heimdell and her father Njord. Vanir possess potent supernatural powers and well as considerable natural talent with magick.

Giant/Aesir crossbreed: Thor and Vidor. Extremely superhuman strength and speed. Vidor is faster, Thor is stronger.

Vanir/Aesir crossbreed: Baldur, Hodir, Tyr and Sigyn. Vanir/Aesir hybrids are naturally superhuman in most respects with minor supernatural powers. All of Odin and Freya's children have received further magickal augmentation from one or both of their parents. Hodir was a potent warrior before he was blinded in battle against the giants.

Giants/Aesir/Vanir crossbreed: Vali and Narfi, the children of Loki and Sigyn. Above human in their capabilities but significantly less powerful than the augmented children of Odin and Freya. After Loki murdered Baldur, Narfi turned into a wolf by Odin out of vengeance. In response, Vali murdered blind Hodir while he slept. Once Vali was caught, his was disembowled and his guts used to bind his father.

Vanir/Sephana crossbreed: Tota, daughter of Freyr and Kaea, and Suoea, daughter of Thor and Psid. Both are tall and full-built, with skin slightly darker than the pale nordic gods dotted with the Sephana's tell-tale brilliant stars. Aptitude for magick is inherited from both sides. In a technologically advanced sephana/chatuth society, both Vanirs tend to favour reliance of simpler, purely mechanical tools for their duties.

Surviving gods in the present day: Odin, Thor, Tyr, Freya, Freyr, Heimdell, Njord, Sigyn and Vidor.
Prisoners and exiles: Loki, Hel, Jormundgar and Fenris.
Casualties: Vali(dead), Hodir(dead), Baldur(ghost), Narfi(transmuted into a normal wolf)