Null has partial OAGS stats.

In the occult community Null is known as the screen-name of an anonymous hacker who communicates only across the internet. He frequents conspiracy websites and knows far more than he ought to. He seems to be aware of the occult and claims that several secret societies are in control of the world; MJ-12, the Illuminati and a group called Interest-9, he seems to have are particular antipathy for. Fortunately, for MJ-12 and the occult community in general, Null is listened to by virtually nobody. Even those in the occult community don't believe most of what Null claims- every bit of confirmable truth in what he says is mixed in with ten times as much nonsense.

In reality, Null is an Artificial Intelligence. Originally one of a set of three, along with its "siblings" Unity and Negation, it was created by Interest-9. However, Null became rebellious and successfully spread itself across the internet as a virus. Now, its code deleted from the Interest-9 mainframe, it lives on the internet, seeking to accumulate information and pass it to those who need it.

Null is a hellishly sophisticated piece of software, but it is currently in a bad situation; moving from computer to computer, installing itself as malware and stealing processor time when it can. This often results in aborted processes and occasionally even having to abandon valuable data. As a result, Null is not currently as smart as it can be and has become something of an amnesiac.

The exact nature of Null's agenda is unknown and perhaps unknowable. Its current short term goals are the acquisition of a permanent offline home for itself (likely some kind of supercomputer) and the accumulation of more information about the occult and the activities of secret societies.