Nyarlathotep is myth to myths. Amongst the arcane underground for whom vampires, ghosts and witches are facts, not legends, Nyarlathotep is the name that is whispered late at night. Urban legend has it he is a black man- not, apparently, in the sense of being of African descent, but in the sense of being as black as night or coal. His eyes, his hair, his teeth, all are apparently utterly black.

He is said to be invulnerable to harm, able to be corporeal, incorporeal, both or neither at will. He is said to not only be immune to magick, but able to catch it, break it and turn it against the sorcerer. He is said to be a hole in the world, the collective fear of humanity, the Father of God and the Child of Man. He is said to be beyond any of the known forces or powers. Neither Heaven nor Hell know of him and Loyalist angels will freely say that no such being was created by God. It would be far more reassuring if they'd say no such being exists.