OAGS 0.50


I think I'm gearing up to another large-scale revision of OAGS. Current plans:

1) Defence is too good at the moment. Gonna split it into Block and Dodge

So, I have an issue with the thing you roll to oppose being hit by guns being called "Dodge" I allyways considered the low levels (1-4) of Defence, when used against ballistic weps to cover being prone, crouched, use of cover and concealment, general soldiering things. And only level 6+ to realy Be Neo/Grammaton Cleric levels of Bullet Dodgeing. 5 is a gray area that could represent either Being an elite SAS dude, or, ahem. The Defenceive powers of Disco. Anyway, this got me thinking. While Melee combat should obviously be an opposed roll. Should shooting? It isnt in 40k/Inquisitor/Dark Heracy/Rogue Trader/ Savage Worlds. Bullet dodgery is kinda taken into account in D20 with the way you can add your Dex to AC but generally the rule for most games seems to be Melee = Opposed Skill, Shooting = Shooters Skill. (If I'm missing some games that do do things this way, its not a lie of ommision, I'm just refranceing what I have on my bookshelf) now, doing things that way would require a stupendous rebalanceing of the system. I would probably be in favour of setting the global target number as high as five or six, so that a mook has to get fairly lucky to hit a Hero and at the same time, hitting someone with every. single. Bullet. you fire would be rare even for heros… I'd need to roll that out and see what happens It might also do something to make automatic weapons more popular rather then the ubiquitous handcannon… food for thaught anyway. Obviously, this would necessitate that NPC's also rolled for there attacks, they currently dont.

I think in a game as cinamatic as OAGS, people ought to be able to actively defend, so I would not favor this change.

2) Might rename Melee as "Strike", since Blocking and Striking are equally important to the discipline of Melee. Thoughts on this?

3) Since this would give us 6 Combat Abilities and 5 Non-Combat Abilities, let's add Infiltration back in. I know Rob will be fond of this. Should it be called Infiltration or Stealth?

4) Someone better at wiki-stuff than me: is there a way to get a little pre-made bit of boilerplate that can be added to articles with a bit of wiki-code? When I get started on this, I want to be able to but an easy stamp of pages to show what OAGS 0.5 and what's v 0.4.

Tags apparently work. Check the bottom of rules for a little red 0.50 tag

5) Anything else to do while we're making big alterations to the system?

6) New version of Invisibility, due to changes to Defence and Stealth.

The character can become invisible at will. This can be done instantly and reflexively and the character can become visible again just as easily. While invisible, he enjoys a +3 bonus to Stealth, a +2 bonus to Dodge and a +1 bonus to Block against sight-dependent opponents. These do not stack with any modifers for reduced visibility.

Update on progress: I've gone over all the rule pages except the Fae rules and Spirit rules. I plan to rework the spirit rules from the ground up.