This article is part of the rules of OAGS

Abilities are rated between 1 and 10. Human characters should normally have abilities between 1 and 5, but truly exceptional humans may have a single ability at 6.

Rating Description
1 Poor; below human average
2 Mediocre; about human average
3 Good; above human average
4 Excellent; highly effective by human standards
5 Superb; fantastically good by human standards
6 Human Peak; the best or one of the best in the world by human standards
7 Low Superhuman
8 Superhuman
9 High Superhuman
10 Very High Superhuman

Combat Abilities

Block: Ability to parry and avoid blows from melee weapons.

Dodge: Ability to evade ranged attacks like bullets, arrows or thrown weapons.

Marksmanship: Ability to shoot or throw ranged weapons.

Melee: Ability to fight in close combat, either unarmed or with melee weapons.

Strength: Ability to break, lift, grapple and throw.

Toughness: Ability to resist physical trauma.

Non-Combat Abilities

Athletics: Ability to run, jump, climb and balance.

Intelligence: Ability to process and recall information.

Perception: Ability to notice and react to stimuli.

Socialize: Ability to understand and influence other people.

Stealth: Ability to hide, sneak and ambush people.

Willpower: Ability to resist persuasion and mental trauma