Advanced Weapons

Advanced Melee Weapons

One-handed Melee weapons add the wielder's Strength score to their Damage. Two-handed Melee weapons add twice the wielder's Strength score to their Damage.

Monoknife: The blade of this knife is constantly rebuilt by a nanobot swarm to keep the edge monomolecularly sharp.

Neuro-Pike: The Neuro-Pike is the weapon of choice for Illuminati Peace-Keepers. It can be extended to up to 4 feet long or retracted to small enough to conceal in one's hand. It can extend a sharp blade at its tip and is charged to deliver a powerful electric shock. It's ability to extend and retract in combat make it a tremendously versatile weapon.

Vibroblade: This blade vibrates as a high frequency, making it a horrendously damaging weapon. Smaller vibroblades can also be used as bayonets which can be mounted on HEL Rifles.

"Excalibur" Enhanced Vibroblade: This is a larger than normal vibro-blade, which has been fitted with a micro-fusion generator, heating and electrifying the blade. In addition, a nanobot swarm resharpens the blade constantly in the same manner as a monoknife. It was developed by Pendragon to assist their soldiers in cutting through Illuminati Powered Armour.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Monoknife +5 One-handed Ignores Soak, Subtle, Can also be used as a thrown weapon
Neuro-Pike +4 One-handed +1 Defence and Melee, Non-lethal, Subtle, Electrical
Vibro-blade +10 One-handed Blade
Vibro-bayonet +6 Two-handed Blade, May be used in place of one shot from a HEL Rifle or Pulse Rifle
Enhanced Vibro-blade +16 Two-handed Blade, Electric, Fire, Ignores Soak

Advanced Firearms

Inferno Grenade: The standard anti-personal grenade of 2059, this grenade radiates micro-waves when triggered, super-heating any liquids in range- including those in people's bodies.

EMP Grenade: The grenade of choice against robots and those unwise cyborgs who have failed to have their mechanical components EMP hardened. Unfortunately, has no effect on most military cyborgs or Advanced Weapons and Powered Armour, all of which are EMP hardened as a matter of course.

Flame Rifle: A flamethrower reduced to less cumbersome size through the wonders of advanced technology.

HEL Weapons: High Energy Laser Weaponry is the standard armament of the Illuminati Legionnaires.

Flechette Weapons: These weapons fire an ultra-high speed stream of tiny, razor edged, flechettes. These have a sinister reputation, being frequently used by Legionnaires in order to kill unarmoured protesters.

Photon Pistol The photon pistol is a highly complex energy weapon with in-built targeting software. Requires both hands due to its powerful recoil. Standard sidearm of the Japanese Mech Corp.

'Fun Size' Rocket Launcher: A miniaturised version of its more unwieldy cousin. It affords mobility at the cost of pure explosive power. Favoured by psychopaths.

UHEL Rifle: The Ultra-High Energy Laser Rifle is a new weapon deployed by the Illuminati in 2059 to ambush and pick off Pendragon special agents.

Pulse Rifle: Also called an EMP-Rifle, this rifle harnesses the power of an EMP into a rapid-firing ray. Like EMP grenades, it is an ideal weapon against robots and non-military cyborgs.

MP Railgun: The Man Portable Railgun is the standard anti-vehicle weapon of mid 21st century.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Inferno Grenade 6 One-handed Area, Fire
Flame Rifle 8 Two-handed Area, Short-Range, Fire, Burning
EMP Grenade 8 One-handed Area, EMP, Ignores Soak
HEL Handgun 12 One-handed Laser
HEL Rifle 12 Two-handed Laser, Two shots
Flechette Pistol 16 One-handed Piercing, Triples Enemy Soak
Photon Pistol 16 Two-handed Ignores Soak, +2 to hit
Fun Size Rocket Launcher 20 Two-handed Splash Damage
Fun Size Rocket Launcher (Frag shell) 12 Two-handed Area
UHEL Rifle 20 Two-handed Ignores Soak, Laser, Long Range
Pulse Rifle 20 Two-handed EMP, Ignores Soak, Two-shots
MP Railgun 24 Two-handed -

Advanced Defensive Items

Energy Shield: This shield is made of a specially alloy, which is charged with an electromagnetic field. As well as deflecting most conventional attacks, it causes lasers to bend around it, providing total protection from laser attacks.

Shield Defence Bonus Special Rules
Energy Shield +4 Immunity: Laser Weapons

Advanced Heavy Weapons

Ultragun: Originally produced as a proof-of-concept, the ultragun's 9 barrels are constantly being repaired by a swarm of nanobots in order to with-stain the gun's absurdly high rate of fire. The ultragun has subsequently be used with some effectiveness by Legionnaires for the purposes of crowd control. While flame rifles and wide-beam HEL Rifles are more effective at killing large groups of protesters quickly, the sight of the ultragun's barrels spinning and the apocalyptic noise made by it firing serves to intimidate crowds to considerable effect.

Plasma-Laser: The Plasma-Laser is so named because it is an absurdly high-powered laser used to super-heat the atmosphere into plasma. The effect in akin to a lightning bolt 20 feet wide. Alternatively, it can be used in a focused beam, annihilating almost anything it hits.

Weapon Damage Minimum Strength Special Rules
Wide-Beam HEL Rifle 12 5 Large Area
Photon Cannon 16 5 Two shots, Ignores Soak
HEL Cannon 12 5 Three shots
Ultragun 8 7 Five shots
Heavy Railgun 40 7 -
Plasma-Laser (wide beam) 18 9 Area, Ignores Soak
Plasma-Laser (focused beam) 40 9 Ignores Soak