This is only on this wiki because this wiki has seniority.

Rob is in the process of adapting OAGS to the Isis Space setting. I wanted to put up this page to chronicle the differences between OAGS and the version being adapted for Isis Space (I'd suggest calling it the Isis Space Action Gaming Systems or ISAGS). I want to have a list of difference for a couple of reasons.

  • Firstly, so people doing get confused and assume things work the same way in the two systems when they don't
  • Secondly, so if anyone thinks an aspect of ISAGS is worth implementing in mainstream OAGS, they can say so here.

Changes noticed so far;

  • Weapons do 2 points more Damage across the board. This makes being armed more important, means that Deadly Fists are no longer as good as a sword, and that multiple attacks are slightly better(Two 7 Damage attacks now balance with a single 12 Damage attack, while in OAGS, two 6 damage attacks would balance with a single 12 Damage attack) De-Implemented.
    • More damaging DW attacks are to balance the fact armor is can can be more advanced, and is generally more prevalent.
    • Extra arms in ISAGS is nerfed both for this reason and simplicity.
    • Martial arts will be more damaging.
  • Many magic armors and weapons have been included in the standard weapon profiles for each culture. Other Magic and Tech items have been re-classified as gear advantages.
  • A host of social and rank advantages and disadvantages have been deployed.
    • Bounty has been added as an alternative to enemy. Enemy represents the guy or his actual forces and goons coming for you, and bounty represents some guys who are looking to pick up some pay in exchange for your head.
  • Supernatural attacks, gunslinger and martial arts will all work on their own seperate 'build a move' system so that characters can create their own, personal style.
    • Telepathy and telekinesis have been cannibalised into the spell system.