OAGS Arthur Anderson

Sir Arthur Anderson, Agent of Queen Victoria II
Native to the Theta Wars, Sir Arthur has travelled to the present on a mission from Victoria II herself. Over his powered armour, he wears a greatcoat and a top hat. To kill a man is sometimes necessary, but to kill a man while poorly dressed would be barbaric.
Character Points: 60

Block: 6 (5)
Dodge: 7 (5)
Marksmanship: 5
Melee: 4
Strength: 4
Toughness: 4

Athletics: 4
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 4
Socialize: 4
Stealth: 7 (4)
Willpower: 5

Hit Points: 20
Weapon: Custom Plasma Rifle (12 Damage, No Soak, Two Shots, +1 to hit) or Underslung Phase Grenade Lauancher (15 Damage, Area, Phase, +1 to hit)
Armour: "Artemis" Stealth Powered Armour (Soak 6)


  • Attractive
  • Expert (Espionage)
  • Firearms Training
  • Minor Technological Item ("Artemis" Stealth Powered Armour: Soak 6 and Invisibility)
  • Moderate Technological Item (Plasma Rifle with Blue-Dot Sight and Underslung PGL, Minimum Strength 4)
  • Pain Resistance
  • Powered Armour Training
  • Spy
  • Thief