OAGS Attack Design

Step 1: Determine attack points by consulting the table below

Attack Type Attack Points
One-handed Normal Weapon 4
Two-handed Normal Weapon 8
One-handed Military Weapon 8
Two-handed Military Weapon 16
Minor Item +8
Moderate Item +16
Major Item +24

Step 2: Spend these attack points. Apply the costs below in order

Effect Cost
Damage(not including Strength bonus) 1ap per level of Damage
Add Strength to Damage1 2ap
Stuns (Difficulty 3 to ignore) 4ap
Blinds (Difficulty 3 to ignore) 4ap
Pain 4ap
Increase Difficulty to ignore Stuns and Blinds by 1 4ap
Ignore Soak2 4ap
Halve Soak2 2ap
Double Soak2 -2ap
Triple Soak2 -4ap
Long Range3 0ap
Short Range3 0ap
Splash Damage 4ap
Burning x1.5
Area4 x2
Large Area4 x3
Multiple Shots x(number of shots)
Heavy Weapon -(2+2*minimum Strength)ap
Can strike both corporeal and incorporeal targets 4ap
EMP x0.5
Subtle 1ap
Quick Draw 1ap
Non-Lethal 1ap
Selector Switch 2ap
Indirect Fire 2ap
+1 to hit 2ap
+1 Defence 2ap
-1 to Melee/Marksmanship -2ap
-1 Defence -2ap

1 This may be applied only once to a one-handed weapon, up to twice on a two-handed weapon and may not be combined with Heavy Weapon, Multiple Shots, Area, Large Area or Burning.
2 Only one of these may be applied.
3 Only one of these may be applied.
4 Only one of these may be applied.