Background Advantages

Ally: 1 to 3 cp
The character has a useful NPC ally. For 1 point this is a moderately useful contact, such an FBI agent or DI in the Metropolitan Police. For 2 points it is an extremely useful contact, such as one of the Hashashin or one of the werewolf mystics of the Clawed Hand Brotherhood. For 3 points, it is an extremely powerful ally such as a member of the Illuminati or an archmage. In general, an ally's worth is more determined by what they know than what they can do.

Diplomat: 2cp
The character is a diplomat, with all the rights and privileges that entails. A Diplomat may not be Wanted or have No Identity.

Famous: 1cp
The character is famous and well liked by many people. This is often useful, though it is occasionally inconvenient.

High-Tech Arsenal (Limited): 4cp
The character has access to a limited range of high-tech weaponry. He has access to a range of two-handed weapons that are Minor Technological Items.

High-Tech Arsenal (Extensive): 7cp
The character has access to a broad range of high-tech weaponry. He has access to two-handed weapons that are Moderate Technological Items and one-handed weapons which are Minor Technological Items.

Minions: 2cp per rank
The character has people who are loyal enough to him to risk their lives in his defence. This Advantage represents the minions the character brings with him on missions, not employees who work for him more distantly.

Minor thought I just had - Minions that are built by the player can only get a maximum of 4 points back from disadvantages, but can have more.

I can see where your going with this idea, Maybe 5 to keep points neat. That means dogs cost as much as thugs and bears cost the same as soldiers.

Rank Minions
1 A single 10cp minion
2 A single 15cp minion or two 10cp minions
3 A single 20cp minion or five 10cp minions
4 A single 25cp minion, two 15cp minions or ten 10cp minions
5 A single 30cp minion or twenty-five 10cp minions
6 A single 35cp minion, two 20cp minions, five 15cp minions or fifty 10cp minions
7 A single 40cp minion
8 Two 25cp minions or ten 15cp minions
9 Five 20cp minions
10 Two 30cp minions or twenty-five 15cp minions

Personal Fortune: 1 to 5cp
The character is independently wealthy. See table;

Rank Net Worth
1 Approximately $5 million
2 Approximately $50 million
3 Approximately $500 million
4 Approximately $5 billion
5 Approximately $50 billion

This wealth is circa 2009. Campaigns set in the future or past ought to adjust for inflation.

N.B. A character with the highest rank of this advantage is one of the 10 wealthiest people on Earth.

Unknown True Name: 1cp
Nobody but yourself knows your True Name. This is either because you’ve trained yourself to think of yourself by a name other than the name you were born with or you’ve taken steps to conceal your original name from the world.