OAGS Chaffinch

Graham Dixon (Chaffinch)
Human Camp Superhero
Character Points: 43

Defence: 4
Marksmanship: 4
Melee: 4
Strength: 3
Toughness: 3

Athletics: 5
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 4
Socialize: 2
Willpower: 4

Weapon: Telescopic Combat Staff (7 damage, subtle, nonlethal, +1 defense), Sting Bombs (ranged, 8 damage, pain)
Armour: Nanomail Cloak (3 soak)
Hit Points: 15

Advantages: (15)

  • Sweet Ride! 4
  • Pilot 1
  • Thief 1
  • Slightly Technological Item: Telescopic Combat Staff
    • Staff, Subtle, +1 damage
  • Minor Technological Item: Nanomail Cloak
    • 3 soak, When going full defense, may also give +1 defense and 3 soak to one adjacent person, or +0 defense and 2 soak if large.
  • Minor Technological Item: Finch Booster Pack
    • Leaping, Glide
  • Utility Belt 1
    • Sting Bombs 1
      • Ranged 8 damage, pain


  • Foible: Will Not Kill 1
  • Foible: Subservient to Foxman

Utility Belt: Chaffinch's utility belt, built by Foxman, contains a myriad of useful tools packed away in improbable proportions. They holster his sting bombs and telescopic staff and contain equipment specialised for chaffinch's strengths. It also holds: Handcuffs, flashlight, Rebreather, Digital Camera, Single Sound Bug, Night Goggles, 50m spool of high tensile string and a cutting torch. It also carries flashbangs and smoke grenades in hidden compartments.

Finchwing (36vp/4cp)
Finchwing is Chaffinch's obligatory ridiculous vehicle. It is a blue and orange bubblecopter that mounts no guns, but instead has special rigging to which the foxmobile attaches, and can in fact transfer occupants between the two via the lengthways hatch.
Maneuverability: 5
Speed: 16
Soak: 5
Hit Points: 15
Defence Bonus: +1
Passengers: 4/6
Extras: Flight, Can hitch the foxmobile onto the bottom.