Character Creation

This article is part of the rules of OAGS

Characters are built with character points (cp).

Name: For most characters, their legal name, the name they're known by and their True Name are the same. Characters with the No Identity Disadvantage have no legal name and must use false IDs when interacting with mortal authorities. Characters with the Unknown True Name Advantage has either trained themselves to think of themselves by a new, secret name or taken steps to conceal their original name

Nature: A characters nature is what they are. Example Natures are listed below- note that most natures can be combined- you can be a Magickally Altered Human Cyborg or a Genetically Engineered Psychic Werewolf. Obviously some combinations are unlikely; Artificial Angel Ghosts, for example, are right out. If a being's Nature includes Angel or Ghost, they ought to be built by the spirit rules.

Angel: One of a race of incorporeal spirits native to the dimension they call Heaven. Divided into two factions; Rebels and Loyalist, subservient to Lucifer and God, respectively.

Artificial: A being who was created rather than born.

Cyborg: A being who has been augmented with mechanical or electrical parts. Most cyborgs are the result of xenotech or Mad Science.

Ghost: A formerly living incorporeal spirit.

Genetically Altered: A being who has been genetically engineered, granting it additional powers or weaknesses. Most genetic alteration is the result of xenotech or Mad Science.

Human: This ought to be self explanatory

Magickally Altered: A being that has been the subject of a ritual granting it additional powers or weaknesses.

Psychic: A being with inborn magickal powers, most frequently telepathy or telekinesis.

Vampire: A formerly living being who was infected with vampirism at time of death.

Werewolf: A being who has been infected with lycanthropy.

Xenoform: A being from a parallel universe.

Abilities: There are 12 different Abilities. All beings have at least 1 level in each Ability for free. Additional levels are purchased for 1 character point per level. Normal humans have an average rating of 2 in each Ability and may not have any Ability higher than 5. PCs, as exceptional humans, may have a single Ability at a rating of 6. Superhuman PCs may have Abilities up to 10.

Advantages: Advantages are positive Traits that do not fit neatly into the 12 Abilities. Each Advantage costs between 1 and 20 character points. PCs may have any number of Advantages.

Disadvantages: Disadvantages are negative Traits that do not fit neatly into the 12 Abilities. Each Disadvantage gives the character an additional 1 to 20 character points to spend. PCs may have any number of Disadvantages, but moderation is recommended.

Calculate Hit Points: The character starts with hit points equal to five times their Toughness.