One of the more subtle and hard to control psychic powers are those of multicognition, or extra-sensory perception. Psychics that manifest ESP find themselves privy to unknown knowledge and able to see things unseen. ESP powers can grant the ability to see outside the visual spectrum, predict the future, and know things that would otherwise be hidden.

Core Powers

Inkling 2cp
The psychic finds that he frequently 'just knows' some things. Once per session he can choose to determine a mundane and immediate clue or feature. He must specify what sort of clue he is looking for, and immediately knows where it is. Activating this ability is a free action. When using this ability in combat, he suffers -2 block and dodge, as if he fired a heavy weapon. When the one use is up, he can spend a plot point to perform this effect. Appropriate uses for this ability are things like: Entering a room and determining where the documents you need are, what is that angry Xenoform's weakness, or what button to press to stop the nuclear missile launch.

Prediction 5cp
The psychic's ability to look into the not too distant future can provide answers where searching alone can't. Once per session, the character can to ask the GM a single yes/no question concerning a future or past or current event that occurs within a number of kilometers equal to the psychic's perception score. The GM may answer dishonestly when the future is obscured by other forces, but must in this case give the player 2 plot points back when the truth is revealed. When the one use is up, the psychic can spend a plot point to perform this effect.

Retroactive Continuity 5cp
The psychic's foresight is so strong that he sees courses of potential actions play out in the blink of an eye, frequently saving his life. The player may, once per session, declare the current scene to have been a vision his character was having and restart the scene, with his character able to act on their future knowledge. When the one use is up, the psychic can spend three plot points to perform this effect.

Sensory Powers

… Sight 2cp
Through his usual sight, the psychic is able to view another sort of spectrum. This can be thermal vision, x-ray vision, ultra-violet or other more esoteric kind of sight. They may take this power extra times, selecting a different type of vision each time. Sight can be turned on and off as no action, but no more than one can be active at a time.

Analysis 2cp
The psychic can quickly construe information about an object. If the psychic is touching the object, they are able to tell the basics about what it is, what it is for and its simpler functions.

No Surprise 2cp
The psychic is deeply sensitive to rushes and surges of adrenaline, rendering him immune to surprise attacks. If a surprise attack takes place, he acts simultaneously to the first attacker. He also has +2 to initiative.

Nothing but the Truth 2cp
The psychic is sensitive to sudden stress changes in a person's body. The psychic can tell with perfect accuracy when an observed target is lying.

Sixth Sense 2cp
The character can sense a certain presence with perfect accuracy and the general direction relative to himself. There is no overt indicator - he just knows. Choose any reasonably well defined physical group, such as humans, felines, canines, a type of xenoform, vampires, werewolves, any range of magick user, withouts, robots, magick items, a particular kind of magick item and so on and so on. The more common the subject, the more range-limited the sense is. For example, if the chosen sense is for rats or humans, he can sense them within a hundred metres or so and the effect is easily slowed or even blocked by dense materials or magick effect. He will be able to clock vampires and werewolves within a few miles, and if you choose wizards, you can sense their location from anywhere on the planet.

Multisight 5cp
The psychic is able to switch between abilities that allow him to perceive a variety of supernatural spectra, as well as several normal ones. The character can see spirits and invisible targets. He can also see in infra-red, ultra-violet and x-ray signatures. He can isolate and overlay these sights as he pleases and as a free action. A character with multisight always knows when a target is a psychic and the category of their powers (ie telepathy, telekinesis etc). Whenever a psychic is using multisight to see spirits spirits can see him too, however, unlike the usual form of ghost sight, they can turn it off.

Clairvoyance 5cp
The psychic can reach out with his mind to perceive other locations. The advantages of this are twofold:
Firstly, he may use this power to see, hear and smell from different viewpoints within a range of 10m for every point of willpower he has, unimpeded by any physical barrier. He may also use it to view a predetermined place that is very familiar to him, such as his home, his HQ, his favorite place to go and so on. A psychic can have up to three of these at any one time, and changing them doesn't tend to be a voluntary matter, but they do chang logically (ie. if they move house).
In both cases, Perception checks made using sight beyond sight are at a -2 penalty. Sight beyond sight takes about a minute of concentration to activate, where the power begins by displaying the murkiest shadows and gradually tunes up to a slightly hazy field of vision.

Impulse Powers

Risk Assessment 2cp
You can become aware of any and all offensive weapons in 5m for every point of willpower you have. You are aware of their vague shape and by derivation, their type. Doing so is a single action and gives you information derived at that particular point in time. For each weapon you can take a perception test (difficulty determined by GM) to determine their direction. Doing so is a further action.

Impulse Prediction 5cp
In combat, you can peer into the future to sense how your opponent will move and when. This affords two benefits: Firstly, once per session you can automatically choose to add your willpower to attack or defense roll before you roll it as you discern the enemy's combat movements with absolute accuracy. Second, you can spend a plot point to add +2 to any roll after you roll dice for an attack or defense roll.

Advanced Multicognition

Linked to… 2cp
The psychic's powers are linked to a parallel universe of their choice. Examples include Leroux, An and Naziworld but there are many, many more worlds, both discovered and undiscovered. The psychic can peer into this alternate universe with a round's concentration. If he does, he can see as if he were standing in the corresponding point of the other universe. When doing this, he suffers -2 to block and dodge, as if he were firing a heavy weapon. While peering into the dimension, he can also use his other ESP powers as if he were there. Any character with an ESP power viewing the spot the character is viewing from can see a spectral image of the character.