OAGS Foxman

Adam Best (Aka Foxman)
Human Camp Superhero
Character Points: 43

Defence: 5
Marksmanship: 4
Melee: 4
Strength: 4
Toughness: 4

Athletics: 3
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 4
Socialize: 2
Willpower: 3

Weapon: Judorate Kick (12 damage), Foxerangs (6 damage, subtle, nonlethal)
Armour: Fire Retardant Superhero Costume with Nanomail Pads (incl. platethong) (3 soak, resistance: Fire)
Hit Points: 20


  • Personal fortune 3
  • Upgraded Superhero Costume 3
  • Sweet Ride! 2
  • Ace Driver 2
  • Famous 1
  • Deadly Fists 1
  • Detective 1
  • Utility Belt 1
    • Shark Repellant Spray 1
    • Foxerangs 1
    • Miniaturized Grappling Hook Gun (Grappling Foxerang) 1


  • Foible: Will Not Kill 1
  • Minor Enemy: The Comedian 1

Utility Belt: Foxman's unique utility belt contains a myriad of useful tools packed away in improbable proportions. They holster his foxerangs and shark repellent spray. It also holds: Handcuffs, flashlight, Rebreather, Digital Camera, Single Sound Bug, Night Goggles, 50m spool of high tensile string and a cutting torch. It also carries flashbangs and smoke grenades in hidden compartments.

Grappling Foxerang: Is a forearm mounted grappling hook launcher which requires both hands to operate properly. It can be operated one handed, but at a -2 penalty to the marksmanship roll.

The Foxmobile (16vp/2cp)
A high-tech modern car with all the expected mod-cons. It's boot space is replaced by two large rocket boosters and a large tank of rocket fuel. Rocket boosting is turned on and off by the push of a button, but takes 2 turns to warm up. Driving while rocket boosting confers a -2 penalty to the perception check to control it and -2 to the vehicle's maneuverability. The Foxmobile doesn't fire rockets or lasers… yet…
Manueverability: 5
Speed: 16 Normal, 24 while rocket boosting
Soak: 5
Hit Points: 20
Defence Bonus: +2
Passengers: 2/2